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Low Taxes. Small Government. Individual Responsibility.

Fighting for less government and more freedom.

The Government is comprised of politicians and public servants with no special insight or wisdom. Despite that, it constantly tells us what is best for us and how to run our lives. It ties up businesses in red tape - preventing them from investing, expanding and employing.

The Liberal Democrats believe government have neither the expertise, nor the rights to tell people how to run their lives. People should be free to make their own choices and accept responsibility for the consequences, so long as nobody else is harmed.

The Liberal Democrats are, first and foremost, a party for people. We hold as our highest aim the creation of a society that is concerned with the advancement of human flourishing. Any course of action that inhibits or constrains human flourishing must be held as antithetical to our cause. The snake-oil salesmen who talk of freedom but seek only to advance their own power must be exposed for the frauds they are. It is liberty, the freedom to follow one’s own natural inclinations, that provides for the greatest degree of human flourishing.

- Gabriel Buckley, Former National President
(Extract from the Party Manifesto)


Latest Video: Newly elected Liberal Democrats MP John Ruddick delivers his now-famous inaugural speech in the NSW Parliament.

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Nuclear power the way to go, say Lib Dems

November 21, 2022

Nuclear energy is the standout “clean alternative” to coal and gas for reliable baseload power, the Liberal Democrats say. Liberal Democrats NSW Upper House candidate, John Ruddick, says nuclear energy is the obvious choice to lower carbon dioxide emissions. “Nuclear energy is safe, reliable...

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Reduce Costs of Toll Roads, Say LibDems

November 07, 2022

Sydney’s increasing network of toll roads is hitting the hip pocket of motorists too hard, the Liberal Democrats say. Toll charges are rising every year, to the point where commercial drivers are close to breaking point and cannot afford to use time-saving routes. Liberal...

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Dispose of Fines for Single-Use Plastics, Say LibDems

October 17, 2022

The ban on single-use plastic items with threats of fines is best replaced with an education program and finding biodegradable alternatives to plastic, say the Liberal Democrats. Proposed laws in New South Wales that impose fines on small businesses and residents using plastic bags,...

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