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Victorian Election 2022

The government is not on your side.

If you’ve found your way to the Liberal Democrats page, you’re probably already somewhat aware of this fact. As Australia’s only libertarian party, we are leading the fight against everything that is wrong with the government in Victoria.

Whether it be over-regulation in every area of our lives, hyperbolic crises where the “solution” is civilian subservience and government expansion, rampant public spending driving up inflation and cost-of-living—if the government is doing something wrong, our MPs are speaking against it.

As you can imagine, this is quite the task: government does wrong far more often than it does right.

This November, help us to return Tim Quilty and David Limbrick to Parliament, and help us add to their voices from our cast of fantastic candidates. The next time the government does something grotesque and against the interests of Victorians, we want to hear a chorus of our dissenting MPs pushing back and fighting for the principles of individual liberty.

Liberal Democrats: Getting elected to get out of your way.

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David Limbrick
South Eastern Metro Region

David Limbrick MP represents the South East Metro Region and is seeking re-election in the Victorian Upper House. David is a long time advocate of free markets and a free society. Since being elected in 2018, he has tackled issues such as tax, regulation, energy policy and drug law reform. During the pandemic, David has been a leading critic of the Government’s response. David is a regular TV commentator on state issues.

Prior to being elected, David has spent much of his career working in business intelligence, working most recently as a senior manager in the finance industry. David grew up in Cranbourne and is married with 3 children.

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Tim Quilty
Northern Victoria Region

Tim Quilty MP represents the Northern Victoria Region and is seeking re-election in the Victorian Upper House. Tim is a former councillor and a consistent advocate for regional communities. During his time in parliament, he has advocated to protect timber workers, farmers, and regional communities from mandates and restrictions imposed by Melbourne. Tim opposed vaccine mandates and stood for liberty throughout the pandemic.

Prior to his political work, Tim worked as accountant helping people minimize their tax bill and avoid taxation pitfalls. He grew up in Southern New South Wales on a family farm and is married with 2 children.

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Julia McGrath
Western Victoria Region

Julia grew up in Creswick and, after several years interstate working in legal practice, has returned to Ballarat to raise a family. While working in the Administrative Tribunal, Julia worked on a range of matters relating to public servants constraining the autonomy, rights and privacy of individuals.

Julia’s watershed moment came during her involvement in a landmark personal liberty case in which a person was unlawfully detained, causing the Supreme Court to issue the writ of Habeas Corpus. This, together with the findings of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT, cemented Julia’s concerns that if left unchecked, those employed to serve us can come to regard themselves as masters. Naturally, the pandemic response has exacerbated these concerns.

Julia believes government should provide a limited range of core functions which serves people to create a safe and civilised society. She believes this begins by treating individuals as rational actors, capable of exercising judgement and choice according to their own values.

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Maya Tesa
North Eastern Metro Region

Maya Tesa is a passionate advocate for human rights and has worked tirelessly supporting local non-for-profits and charities. Maya migrated from Lebanon at the age of 6. At the age of 8 she moved to the electorate of Bulleen and attended the local schools. Maya married her husband Robert in 2004 and has four beautiful children who all attend local schools in the electorate of Eltham. A successful business owner, she understands that it is small business that keeps Australia’s economy growing. Over the years she has seen how over regulation and welfare dependency has stifled Australia’s growth and ability to be self-sustainable. While politicians continue to play the blame game, Maya’s aim is to be a real voice of experience for her community and to hold the government accountable for the ongoing challenges facing Victorians.

“Australia is at a turning point and having honest, transparent, and accountable government is what is going to lead Australia to greater growth and prosperity”.

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Matthew Ford
Southern Metro Region

Matthew Ford is a long-term member of the party and is excited to represent our growing base of passionate members and supporters. Having previously stood in State, Federal,  and Local elections, Matthew will provide a passionate and articulate presentation of the libertarian policies and values in the Legislative Council, which he sees as in dire need of sensible and determined representation.

Through his employment at a major company within the tourism industry, Matthew has seen firsthand the devastating impacts of unnecessary government overreach throughout the pandemic. He believes it is time that government policy once again frees Victorians to live their own lives and make choices for themselves. Matthew is looking forward to a successful campaign and ultimately joining his fellow victorious Liberal Democrats candidates in Parliament and providing the leadership that Victorians so sorely need.

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Anthony Cursio
Western Metro Region

Anthony is a born and bred Victorian, having lived 30+ years in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. A commercial banker who specialises in manufacturing and wholesale clients but rose through the ranks starting his finance career in the Contact Centre. Anthony is used to starting at the bottom and working his way to the top. His very first job was at the age of 14 working as a cleaner to provide himself with things that his single mother could not.

Anthony has more than a decade of experience in retail and also grew up working in a family business that started from the kitchen table.

He is a passionate advocate for small business and believes in encouraging more Australians to become entrepreneurs. Believing that small businesses drive the economy and as such, is a strong believer in lower taxes, small government, less regulation/bureaucracy, greater accountability, more personal freedoms, liberties and above all else free speech.

Watch Anthony's interview on Discernable podcast here: Anthony Cursio: Australians are realising the importance of freedom - Discernable®

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Paul Silverberg
Northern Metro Region

Paul Silverberg firmly believes in people, and that trusting individuals with a high level of personal responsibility and accountability is the key to having a happy, successful and prosperous society. Having been born in the USSR, and being able to observe first-hand the inevitable collapse of the system that relies on high government interference with an individual’s decision-making process, Paul is aiming to use that experience to ensure a similar situation does not happen in Victoria.

Looking at recent governments’ continuous encroachment on all personal lives and businesses, this danger has become more pronounced. Paul has decided to run to oppose this very dangerous trend.

Paul first involved himself on the political scene in 2020 when he narrowly missed out on being elected as one of the councillors in the Melbourne City Council election for the LDP. If elected to the Legislative Council, Paul has set the priority areas as: cutting red tape, reducing limits on people’s choices, and addressing the legislation and decision-making processes that result in poor economic performance for the state and for Victoria’s residents.

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Rob McCathie
Eastern Victoria Region

Rob McCathie’s adult life has been dominantly spent in Victoria’s East, working in I.T. as a computer systems administrator and consultant for small-medium enterprise.

Operating out of Pakenham for many years, Rob built relationships with businesses throughout the eastern region - including in Nar Nar Goon, Bunyip, Drouin, Tooradin, Warragul and Morwell - and has gained a strong understanding of the challenges they face.

Rob has always been an advocate for freedom of expression and has stood against censorship. The government attracted his ire in 2008 when they attempted to bring in mandatory internet censorship and his interest in politics grew from there. As the years went on he became increasingly concerned with rising authoritarianism from both of Australia’s major political parties, including the unjustified red-tape small businesses are burdened with. This led Rob to become involved with the Liberal Democrats – the only reliable small-government party.

Send Rob to Parliament and the people of Eastern Victoria will have a representative they can rely on to always fight for less government and more freedom.

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