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Branch Information


Meeting location: Still via Zoom at the moment, but hoping to get back to Sofia Restaurant Camberwell, 857 Burke Rd, Camberwell 3124
Meeting day and time: Second Thursday of every month, 7pm. Reminder emails are sent out in the week prior. 
About: The main branch for Victoria, and the place you'll get to meet with our elected members and the State Executive. There is usually an excellent guest speaker as well. 

Melbourne North:

Launch BBQ Saturday 26 February 11.30am, Quarry Park, Clifton Hill
Branch Coordinators: Rick Wright 0406 352 397 and Rachel Versteegen | 0414 367 686 | [email protected]

Melbourne North East (Templestowe):

Next branch event Saturday 26 February
Branch Coordinator: Trevor Smith | 0411 087 537 | [email protected]

Melbourne West (Point Cook): 

Next BBQ Saturday 5 February, 11am, Point Cook Coastal Park
Branch Coordinator: Michael Kot 0498 099 696 - [email protected]

Regional Branches:


Special event Sunday 30 January, 6pm, Torquay front beach.
Meeting location: Great Western Hotel, 177 Aberdeen St, Newtown 3220. We are also doing social BBQ catch ups, so stay tuned for your email invite.
Meeting time: Fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30pm
Branch Coordinator: Mark Williams  0468 343 676 - [email protected]

North East branch (Wodonga): 

Saturday 29 January, 6.30pm, Willow Park, Wodonga.
Branch Coordinator: Craig Laughton | 0407 002 672 | [email protected]


Next event Australia Day BBQ, 6pm, Lake Weroona.
Branch Coordinator: Jordan Dittloff | 0413 881 402 | [email protected]


Meeting location: Oscars Hotel, 18 Doveton Street South, Ballarat 
Meeting time: Third Wednesday of the month at 7pm.
Branch Coordinator: Marcus Lynch | 0493 268 562 | [email protected]  

Yarra Valley (Lilydale):

Branch Coordinator: Laetitia Jones | 0419 566 535 - [email protected]

Southern Grampians (Mortlake):

Launch Saturday 29, 2pm, Mortlake Market Square. 
Branch Coordinator: Amanda Mead | 0415983 597 | [email protected]
Follow the Facebook page here. 

Eastern Victoria/Gippsland:

Branch Coordinator: Meg Edwards | 0429 841 555 | [email protected]


Follow the Victorian Liberal Democrats Facebook page for information and event updates. 

Follow David Limbrick MP on Facebook and Twitter

Follow Tim Quilty MP on Facebook and Twitter. 

For inquiries regarding branch meetings you can also contact Lachlan Christie on 0408 399 752 or [email protected] 

Plans are in the works for more branches, so get in touch if you think you need one near you!