Legalise Vaping in Queensland - It's Common Sense

The Liberal Democrats Queensland are fighting to legalise the use and sale of nicotine vaping liquids.

  • Vaping is 95% safer than smoking - and the most effective quitting tool on the market in countries that have legalised it
  • Queenslanders have already been vaping with nicotine, by importing it from overseas and mixing it themselves rather than purchasing from local vape stores
  • Pubs and clubs could allow vaping outside smoking areas, improving business and further encouraging people to quit smoking

Vaping can save lives and boost local businesses. It should be legal
The Federal Government has attacked vaping by trying to ban nicotine imports and imposing a maximum fine of $220,000 on individuals trying to improve their health. This legislation has been postponed, but will become effective as of 2021.

Help us get common sense vaping laws in QLD by signing the petition. With your support, we can help end the criminalisation of vapers throughout Queensland. 

The Liberal Democrats believe in personal choice and responsibility: your body, your choice. If elected, we will bring the fight for vapers rights directly to parliament.

We are depending on YOUR SUPPORT to help make real change in Queensland.


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Legalise Vaping Australia have compiled a list of research supporting the legalisation of vaping and promotion as a smoking cessation aid, including the conclusion by Public Health England that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking:

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