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Unlock the Bush

The Greens are campaigning for even more new national parks in Victoria. Access to the great outdoors should be available to everyone, not just who the Greens say it should be available to. It is an Aussie tradition to go camping, off road 4 wheel driving, fishing and enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. The Greens however, are trying to lock up the bush and coasts in new parks which excludes many activities. 55% of Victoria's public land is already national parks. Enough is enough.

If the Greens had their way, we would not be able to go on the annual camping trip, take our kids fishing or enjoy 4 wheel driving with our mates. The only way we would be able to enjoy the beauty of Australia’s flora and fauna is to see it in a museum!

The bush is for everyone – Sign up if you agree!

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We need to stand together and say enough is enough!

The Greens want to lock up the bush and the beaches so activities are limited. By establishing even more national parks and marine reserves, Victorians will not have full access to public land to enjoy activities in the great outdoors. The outdoors is for everyone, not just who the Greens decide it is for.