Taxed to Death - Liberal Democrats

Australians are being
Taxed to Death

We hear non-stop about how we need our all caring government to address housing affordability, rising electricity prices, and the struggle to make ends meet. But forget lowering costs of living, the government is still raising them through taxation!

Other taxes exist with the sole intention of higher costs. In the case of tobacco and alcohol excise the government helps you by punishing you. Genius.

Then there's income tax. Before you even get the money to pay all these other taxes, the government takes about a third of what you earn.

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We need to stand together and say enough is enough!

Income tax is by far the most expensive tax and a lot of it gets wasted. Governments don't spend money wisely because they aren't spending their own money, they're spending yours.

While both major parties have recognised that our tax levels are far too high, they've made only piecemeal promises when it comes to easing the tax burden.

The Liberal Democrats will raise the tax free threshold from $18,200 to $40,000 and lower all subsequent rates to just 20%. That's a huge tax cut for everyone.

Alcohol and tobacco taxes are intended to control your behaviour. They raise the cost of living and they punish people who aren't hurting anyone else.

Some may argue that these taxes recoup the costs that these substances incur on the health system. Even if a socialised healthcare system were a good justification for controlling your health decisions, these taxes bring in 17 times more than the purported health costs.

The Liberal Democrats will abolish alcohol and tobacco taxes and oppose any new sin-taxes. The government should not try to control our lifestyle choices.

GST is supposed to exclude essentials but that doesn't stop the government applying it to electiricity and tampons.

Other parties talk a great deal about lowering energy prices but they still haven't taken the first step, which is removing taxes on electricity!

The tampon tax has been abused to signal feminist virtues in an effort to buy womens' votes. For the Liberal Democrats, this isn't just signalling, we really do want to lower taxes.