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Taxed to Death

New South Wales is again in drought, and the state’s farmers and irrigators are doing it tough. With little water for livestock and crops, many are facing financial ruin.

There is 500gl of environmental water currently stored in dams in the Murray Darling Basin which could be released 'on loan' to support farmers and irrigators in their time of need.

In many areas, there is no allocation of water to farmers this season because of the drought. ‘Borrowing’ environmental water now that is not intended for use for another one or two years would save winter crops. The environmental water could be returned from future years allocations.

The Liberal Democrats support farmers and irrigators having access to stored environmental water now and replacing it later.

Our federal Senator, David Leyonhjelm has worked tirelessly to get better outcomes for rural communities from the Basin Plan.

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Support our farmers!