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Taxed to Death

Australian's love to have a drink with their mates. Whether it is to cool down after the beach, to wind down with mates after a long day at work, or having a few drinks at the cricket. However there is someone in Australia who wants you to have a drink with your mates more than anyone else, the government.

When you buy a case of VB for a game of beach cricket it costs you $56.99. Out of that, the government is taking $28, driving up the price of the fun you have with your mates. When you buy a bottle of Vanilla Absolut from Dan Murphy's it will cost you around $47, however, if you get it duty-free (without the excise) it will cost $34.90. That's how much the government takes from you.

Australia is expensive internationally. When you buy a case of beer in Britain it costs $23.19, whereas in the US it will cost $26.23. The Australian government knows it can excessively tax your fun and get away with it.

The Liberal Democrats believe that fun should not be taxed by the government. Our federal member, Senator David Leyonhjelm has often attacked the government's overtaxing of alcohol as another example of government dependence on 'sin taxes'.

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The government taxes your fun. Every time you buy a drink, the government puts its hand in your pocket for more tax.

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