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Special General Meeting (10 Apr 2021)

Pursuant to article 8.2 of the National Constitution, the National Executive is calling a Special General Meeting to decide on a constitutional amendment around emergency digital voting at Annual General Meetings (for national executive election voting ONLY).

Voting on this matter is open to all current financial members. If you wish to vote on the issue, but aren’t a financial member you can become one here.

If you are to attend this Special General Meeting, please RSVP here so we can cater for the right number of attendees.



Item: Description:
1 Welcome, attendees and apologies:
1.1 Confirm the chair for the meeting – Chair, Lloyd Russell, National President
1.2 Attendees and Apologies
2 Conflicts of Interest to be declared and dealt with

Recap on the Purpose of the Special General Meeting – The National Executive fully expects that the AGM will be held in Canberra as scheduled on 9th May, and there is not expected to be any impediment to members attending and voting in the election for new National Executive Members.
However, with a slight chance that Members who have booked to attend, are legally prevented (by a Covid Pandemic Emergency Measure) from attending to vote personally, an alternative is being considered by this SGM with the motion proposed below.

  • Presentation of the minimum standards of Electronic Voting
  • Presentation of a System of Electronic Voting used in Victoria’s AGM
  • Discussion of other alternatives – Demonstration if Possible
  • Answer Questions from the floor on Electronic Voting

Special Motion:

The present form of the Constitution s9.2 is as follows:

“Only members present at the National Conference and eligible to vote shall be permitted to vote. There shall be no proxy votes and the National Executive may not authorise a postal vote for election”.

The following special resolution will be proposed at the meeting:

LDP members resolve that the following wording substitute temporarily for s9.2:

“In the event of a government state-wide lockdown that legally prevents members of one or more states from physically attending the National Convention, the election of new members to the National Executive may be conducted via a remote voting platform approved by the National Executive. This platform will permit voting by eligible voters both physically present and those under state-wide lockdown who had previously registered their intent to attend the National Convention. The platform, if used, must retain anonymity, allow voters to verify that their vote has been recorded correctly, and the source code will be made available for inspection by voters upon request. There shall be no proxy votes in this election. This amended clause is valid until Sunday 9/05/21 at 4pm EST where it will expire and revert to its previous form”.

5 Any other business
6 Call to attend AGM and associated Conference , Canberra, May 8th and 9th, 2021
7 Close


10 April 2021 at 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Club Burwood - 97 Burwood Rd. Burwood, NSW
Craig Buchanan ·
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