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Solar Farms Bring Dark Days and Blacker Nights

The relentless development of solar farms in the name of “clean renewable energy” is taking us towards an energy crisis, say the Liberal Democrats.

The dream of “net zero emissions” comes with enormous economic and social cost to the community, particularly in the form of electricity shortages and blackouts, plus high electricity prices.

The proposed Gundary solar farm near Goulburn is the latest example, following similar solar energy projects in Wellington and Gunnedah.

Liberal Democrats NSW President, Dean McCrae, echoes the community’s concerns about Gundary.

“Solar farms are an unrealistic solution to the ‘renewables’ hysteria that the government is pursuing at any cost,” Dean says.

“The area is prime agricultural land and not enough attention has been paid to how the project affects the well-being of surrounding farms.

“Properties are already losing value and farming families are distressed, and construction hasn’t even started.

“And what will keep the lights on at night when the sun is not shining? Coal generators are being closed, there is not enough gas, and drilling for more gas is banned.”

There is also insufficient available data to show the effects of power transformer noise, night lighting and waste management, the Liberal Democrats argue.

“The LibDems call for an immediate moratorium on all solar farm projects until all costs and remediation options have been presented to the community,” Dean says.

“Gundary is an example where developers have not shown how waste solar panels will be disposed or how they expect sheep to graze on poor pasture under solar panels.

“Truly sustainable options like nuclear energy produce zero carbon emissions, but climate activists are burying their heads in the sand and denying everyone safe nuclear power.”

For more information about the Liberal Democrats policy on energy production, browse to policies on cheap and reliable energy, and global warming.



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