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Stand up for Shooters

The Liberal Democrats are the only party to support the rights of law-abiding shooters at every opportunity. As other “shooter friendly” parties such as One Nation and the SFFP abandon shooters in favour of broader political appeal, the Liberal Democrats remain loyal.

We refuse to politicise tragedies such as the Christchurch terrorist attack by supporting policies that restrict your freedom and privacy. Instead, the Liberal Democrats favour evidence-based reforms that benefit the community and shooters.

We support the licensing of individuals to own and use firearms. We do not support the current unwieldy, flawed and expensive system of firearms registration for long-arms.

We support rigorous testing for obtaining a licence, as well as harsh penalties for using a firearm to commit a crime. However, we do not support the restrictive NFA, which penalises law-abiding firearm owners and is ignored by criminals.

Senator Duncan Spender is a supporter of the shooting community. As David Leyonhjelm’s right hand man for the last five years he knows the challenges faced by shooters and has worked with David Leyonhjelm to address them.

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