Say NO to a Great Forest National park - Liberal Democrats

Once again, hunters are under attack in Victoria. The Greens have for some time have been planning the establishment of a 'Great Forest National Park' in Central Victoria. This would mean the end of activities such as hunting and would cause irreparable damage to the local timber industry and communities.


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The park would roughly stretch for 355,000 hectares between Eildon, Noojee and Kinglake. 

The establishment of the national park would threaten hunting in many traditional areas in the region where hunting has occurred for a century along with the harvesting of mountain ash timber. Both activities contribute substantially to the Victorian and local economy.

Decades of observational evidence demonstrates that public land managers cannot successfully manage deer populations in national parks which become a haven where deer breed undisturbed.  Licensed hunters harvested over 100,000 wild deer last year according to the government.  Removing access removes the management of deer. 

The Liberal Democrats oppose the establishment of the Great Forest National park as 55 percent of Victoria’s public land is already managed as national parks.  Enough is enough.

We believe that the responsible hunters of Victoria should not be punished for the anti-gun agenda of the Greens.

Our federal member, Senator David Leyonhjelm is a life-long firearms owner who is concerned about the diminishing access to public land for hunters, fishers and four-wheel drivers. Recently the Liberal Democrats have succeeded in stopping government overreach on firearms legislation and more access for shooters.