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Taxed to Death

The Safe Schools Program was promoted as an anti-bullying program that focusses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex students. In reality, Safe Schools is a mechanism for social activists to impose highly controversial opinions on the minds of developing children.

The program co-founder has said it’s “not about stopping bullying”, but about “supporting gender and sexual diversity.” The program is fully funded by Victorian taxpayers even though governments in other states are de-funding it.

Safe Schools resources teach children as young as 10-12 that gender and sexuality exist on a spectrum and that whether someone is male or female is not a matter of biology, but of attitude and sentiment. It confuses masculinity and femininity with being male or female and introduces them to hormone replacement therapy and gender-reassignment surgery.

The Liberal Democrats acknowledge measures to address bullying may be warranted, but we reject the use of these programs to teach controversial gender theory, particularly to such a young and uncritical audience.

The Liberal Democrats believe that school is a place for education, not social engineering. Sign up and show your support to end safe schools in Victoria.

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