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Register For Postal Voting

The Australian Federal Election is imminent, and you can register your interest to postal vote now. Please complete the information requested on this page if you are interested in registering for a Postal Vote application.

Some frequently asked questions regarding Postal Voting are below. If you want to register now, simply fill in the postal voting registration form.
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What if I get a postal vote application from another political party?

You may receive correspondence from another political party containing a postal vote application. You can disregard other letters and should only complete one postal vote application.

Postal Vote Deadline

The AEC must receive your application by 6:00 pm on the Wednesday before polling day for your application to be accepted.

How does it work?

When you register with us, we will ensure you receive the required documentation for you to lodge your postal vote; all you have to do is simply fill it in and forward it to the AEC.

Where do Preferences go?

Remember, no matter what any political party has as recommendations on their How to Vote cards (HTV’s), you are in control of where you place your preferences. Your vote goes in the order that you number your candidates on the ballot paper, not in the order of any party’s HTV.

When will I receive a ballot paper in the mail?

The AEC will start sending voting papers to voters who have applied for a postal vote after candidate nominations are declared and ballot papers are printed (usually 2–3 weeks after the announcement of the election).