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Let Business Do Business - Get Government Out Of Your Business

Australia is a land of amazing opportunity, where innovation and a fair go attitude are staples of our identity. Many Australian's dream of taking the risk, pursuing their dreams and founding an innovative start-up business. In the 21st century, more and more Australians are starting or currently operating a business, contributing new innovations to society and creating thousands of new jobs for the economy. We may be in the 21st century, but our public policy on business is stuck in the past.

The major parties have lost touch with the needs of Australian entrepreneurs and small business owners, as they are happy to hinder growth with red tape, placing unfair restrictions on new innovations and punishing start-ups and small businesses with high taxes.

  It's Time To Unleash Australia's Entrepreneurial Spirit


Unleash Australia's Entrepreneurial Spirit

✔️ Let Start-Ups and small businesses keep more of their capital by lowering high tax rates 

✔️ Nurture Australia's entrepreneurial potential by cutting bureaucratic red tape

✔️ Let Aussie Start-Ups and small businesses grow by relaxing restrictive regulations


Help the Liberal Democrats fight for an entrepreneur-friendly Australia

The liberal democrats are on a mission to make Australia a better place to start and operate a business. We believe in encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit by taking down the high barriers to starting and running a successful business and allowing new businesses to retain more of their earnings so they can continue to grow their business, hire more people and produce more innovative products & services. If you want to see Australia become a better place for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, then join the Liberal Democrats in their fight.

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With your support, and the support of thousands already backing our cause, we can bring about real change in Australia.

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