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Queenslanders Pay Too Much For Petrol - Axe The Fuel Tax

You heard us right, 99c for fuel isn't just possible, it's what fuel should cost. With the economy limping towards recovery, the average Australian family's budget is being stretched to its limit. Many are sacrificing luxuries, whilst others are struggling to just get by, yet despite the strain that the average family is currently under, your government still wants to take the little money you have through unfair taxes like the Fuel Excise Tax.

The Fuel Excise Tax increases the average price of fuel by almost 30%

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QLD Pays Too Much For Petrol

✘ The Fuel Excise Tax increases your families annual fuel costs by $1,545

✘ The Government unfairly rakes in nearly $3,000,000,000 from Queenslanders

✘ The tax only feeds greedy politicians poor spending habits

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The Liberal Democrats Will Axe The Fuel Tax

Families should not be weighed down by a 30% tax on a basic necessity like petrol. It's time Australian's were given a genuine fair go. Repealing the Fuel Excise Tax is one step towards a better, fairer and freer Australia.

What Will Axeing The Fuel Tax Do?

  • Make Fuel Cheaper For All

    Repealing this tax will cut fuel prices by 40 cents, making it nearly 0.99c a litre in many areas.


  • Keep More Of Your Hard Earned Money

    You and your family should be the ones enjoying the fruits of your work, not greedy politicians.


  • Help Australia's Poorest

    Abolishing these unfair taxes lets the nations poorest keep more of their money, to spend on making a better life.


  • Ends The Political Gravy Train

    The government can no longer use this revenue-raising tax to fund campaign promises.



To Axe The Tax, We Need Your Support

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