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Prosperity Policies

The Liberal Democrats recognize that free markets are the driving force behind human prosperity. For specific information please follow one of the links above. For a more detailed explanation of our philosophy see "Our Philosophy". 

Budget Repair

Within a small government context, the Liberal Democrats believe government should fund recurrent activities entirely through taxation and balance liabilities and assets to achieve the equivalent of zero net worth. Discussion The...
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The Liberal Democrats believe that the Australian child care industry is needlessly over-regulated leading to burdensome regulatory compliance costs. Policy The child-care industry should be largely deregulated to reduce the costs associated...
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  The Liberal Democrats value the natural environment within the context of a prosperous society that provides equal protection under the law and is based on respect for individual freedom, personal responsibility,...
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Foreign Aid

The Liberal Democrats believe government foreign aid, other than short term humanitarian relief, should cease. Policy Aid to foreign countries by the Australian government, other than short term humanitarian relief following natural...
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The Liberal Democrats would increase opportunities to live and work in Australia while carefully guarding access to welfare and citizenship.  Policy Negotiate Free Immigration Agreements (FIAs) with compatible countries to allow unrestricted...
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Intellectual Property

The Liberal Democrats support intellectual rights in return for private creative endeavours, but opposes increased restrictions, such as is happening with copyright. The Liberal Democrats also believe that intellectual rights laws need...
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The Liberal Democrats believe Australia needs a low tax future. Continuing to tax discourages Australians from working and saving, impedes investment, and imposes unnecessary compliance costs on individuals and businesses. Policy Limit...
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The Liberal Democrats will modify the welfare system to foster a culture of independence and civil society without neglecting the genuinely needy. Policy Expand the current superannuation savings account system to encompass...
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