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President's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in the Liberal Democrats, Australia's only libertarian political party.

The Lib Dems have three upper house reps in Victoria and WA. Each of those representatives have committed to never voting for an increase in your taxes or a decrease in your freedom. This commitment is in the DNA of the Lib Dems, we believe that the government is not in a better position to spend your money or to tell you how to live your life than you are. We are the only political party that both believes this and actually lives it.

So who should support the Lib Dems? To answer that question I will channel my predecessor, Gabriel J. Buckley who talks about the Lib Dems as being the party for people.

We're sometimes the crazy ones, the entrepreneurs, the engineers, the nerds, the thinkers. We're for the students who want to truly learn, for the teachers who want to impart knowledge and inspire, not indoctrinate... We're for businesses that want to sell and trade, not fill out forms. We're for farmers who want to be free to farm... for nurses and doctors who want to care. We're for workers who want to properly earn...

We seek ownership over and responsibility for our lives along with all the associated risks and rewards. We don't want the cocoon of the nanny state to suck the life out of... well, life! We want to live our lives in a manner that suits each of us yet fully respecting the rights of all others to do the same... to live and let live.

In short, we offer everyone the best chance to be what they truly wish to be and to work and live with less pressure from the lash of government, the rules and taxes of the state, the corruption, the corporate welfare... the piggies at the trough.

If you're in our movement already, spread the message, freedom deserves a strong defence. And if you're not, come and join us and help increase freedom for everyone so we can all live happier, more fulfilling and satisfying lives. We are the party for people... just like you.


Andrew Cooper
Liberal Democrats