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President's Welcome

Welcome to the Liberal Democratic Party (Liberal Democrats), Australia’s only libertarian political party and the only political party truly committed to fighting for your right to be free to choose your own path personally, socially and as an income earner without the State interfering. The Liberal Democrats are a principled political party promoting self-reliance, personal responsibility, accountability and innovation.

The major political parties (Liberal/National and Labour/Green) have forgotten why they exist and who they should serve. They have forgotten the worker, the private business owner, the entrepreneur and the family that dreams of improving the future for their children.

To quote past President, Gabriel J. Buckley, the Liberal Democrats are the party for people.

“We're sometimes the crazy ones, the entrepreneurs, the engineers, the nerds, the thinkers. We're for the students who want to truly learn, for the teachers who want to impart knowledge and inspire, not indoctrinate... We're for businesses that want to sell and trade, not fill out forms. We're for farmers who want to be free to farm... for nurses and doctors who want to care. We're for workers who want to properly earn...

In short, we strive to offer everyone the best chance to be what they truly wish to be, to work and live with less pressure from the lash of government, the rules and taxes of the state, the corruption, the corporate welfare... the piggies at the trough.


The profile of a Liberal Democrats member, supporter, donor and voter

  Are you











  Do you want to

      Control your own destiny

      Pursue your dreams

      Achieve your goals and reward for your efforts

      Create and keep your own wealth

      Keep government out of your private life and career

      Be involved in and beneficial to community

      Respect others diversity and accomplishments

      Challenge and be challenged BUT not controlled

      Have a future that rewards critical thinking

      Take responsibility and be accountable for your future

Then the Liberal Democrats is the political party for you

Libertarians are sometimes misunderstood because we do not fit the traditional “Left or Right” divide of adversarial politics. We are about liberty rather than authoritarianism. We stand for individuals being free to choose while taking responsibility for their choices rather than dependence upon government to define what we can do.

At the core of Libertarianism is caring and support for individuals. We believe in the principles of community, creativity, volunteerism and private philanthropy as the foundation for building a resilient and self-sustaining society, because it empowers the individual in a far more personal and sustainable way than the bureaucratic and emotionally distant government welfare system.

Libertarians do not subscribe to tribalism, populism, identity politics or government prescribed equality. Libertarians believe in meritorious advancement, personal responsibility and empowering the individual to strive to be the best they can in whatever they choose.

Currently the Liberal Democrats have three upper house parliamentarians; two in Victoria and one in Western Australia. We also have one local Councillor in New South Wales. Each of those representatives have committed to never voting for an increase in your taxes or a decrease in your freedom. This commitment is in the DNA of the Liberal Democrats. We believe that the government is not in a better position to spend your money or to tell you how to live your life than you are. We are the only political party that both believes this and actually lives it.

This welcome address is written while in the nation-wide lock down that constitutes the government’s response to COVID 19. As Libertarians, we acknowledge some measures are necessary HOWEVER these measures must be justified by transparent data and risk-management protocols, and MUST BE TEMPORARY, to be completely wound back so not to embed big government further into our lives. We firmly believe the Liberal Democrats are the only political party that will fight furiously to ensure this occurs.

You might already be a member, supporter or donor and if so, spread the word far and wide to invite more progressive, self-reliant Australians to join Australia’s true Libertarian political party.

If you are not currently a member, supporter or donor - joins us now so together we can fight to preserve and improve our inherent rights to freedom.

We are the party for people... just like you.

Lloyd Russell
  Lloyd Russell

  National President
  Liberal Democrats