President's Welcome - Liberal Democrats

President's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in the Liberal Democrats. gabe-buckley.jpg

Being Australia’s only libertarian political party, I consider it a great honour to serve as president. I have considered myself a libertarian since my early twenties – in fact I was relieved when I found there was a name for the way I saw things and that others felt the same way.

I have worked in the IT industry for two decades, an industry that is – by and large – fairly unencumbered by government interference and therefore tends to flourish irrespective of the prevailing economic climate. As a consultant and developer I have advised hundreds of businesses across dozens of industry sectors on the best way to use technology to overcome problems. The most costly and time-consuming problem-solving usually arises from dealing with that burdensome result of government interference – red tape.

In addition to being left alone in their business lives, I also prefer to see people left alone in their personal lives. If they are not harming others then there is no valid reason for the government to seek to limit their conduct. It is not the government’s place to attempt to ensure that we don’t do things that could potentially cause us harm. Adults who voluntarily engage in risky behaviour, or behaviour that other people find distasteful for one reason or another, should be free to pursue their own lives, make their own mistakes and deal with their own consequences.

The obvious corollary to this is that we should not bear the burden of paying for other people’s lifestyle choices. Forced communal insurance programs, corporate and middle-class welfare, government underwriting and the like engender moral hazard in society. This encourages people to take risks – either with their safety or with their finances – knowing that any costs will be mitigated by forced contributions from everyone else.

It is an exciting time to be a libertarian in Australia. The election of my friend and colleague David Leyonhjelm to the Senate gives the country a true libertarian voice in parliament for the first time. At the same time there is growing pressure on governments to curb their unsustainable tax-and-spend policies and to cease their interventions aimed at restricting individual freedoms. I hope that you will join me in the Liberal Democrats and help create a freer Australia.

Yours in liberty,

Gabriel J. Buckley
Liberal Democrats

Authorised by David Leyonhjelm, Liberal Democratic Party 405/19 Roseby St Drummoyne NSW 2047