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Join up to promote the cause of freedom and personal responsibility within Australia. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that genuinely fight for liberty, personal responsibility, small government and low taxes. We are the only party with a comprehensive plan to end lockdowns, end the surveillance police state and restore your liberty. Read our Freedom manifesto.

Patron Membership of the party denotes the most elite tier of our membership. Each State Division will offer its Patron members something slightly different, but Patron membership includes everything General membership does:

  • Vote on party matters
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Join party committees
  • Nominate for pre-selection
  • Participate and have your say on our (lively!) in-house Xenforo discussion boards.

And additional Patron-only perks:

  • Exclusive access to our members of Parliament and State/Federal Executives
  • Discounted VIP tickets to special events and galas
  • The opportunity to share their thoughts in a private patron forum online
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