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Our People

The Liberal Democrats are growing. We've elected representatives in Western Australia and Victoria and our sights are now set on New South Wales. Help us smash the nanny state, promote liberty, and slash taxes. Learn more about our candidates below.


Legislative Council - Upper House

The Upper House election is state-wide and proportional. Regardless of which district you live in, these candidates will appear on your Upper House ballot. When you vote above the line, your vote will support candidates in order of first to last as presented here.

David Leyonhjelm - 1st Candidate

David has been a federal senator for NSW since 2014. He was the Liberal Democrats first, and at the time, only elected representative. There he fought to protect civil liberties, reduce taxes, and eliminate wasteful government programs. Some of his achievements are detailed here.

David is now running for the New South Wales upper house, with his sights set on the State's overbearing nanny state laws and excessive schedule of fees, charges, duties, and fines. 

Duncan Spender - 2nd Candidate

Duncan Spender has been Senator Leyonhjelm’s right-hand man on policy since the start of the Senator’s term of office in 2014. Duncan studied politics and economics, spent much of his career in the federal treasury, and helped start the Liberal Democrats in 2001.

Codie Neville - 3rd Candidate

Codie is an egalitarian who is passionate about liberty and individual responsibility, and the role technology plays in freedom in modern society. Her goal is to spread the word about the liberty movement and work towards a free society with equal opportunity for all. Codie is currently a writer for Libertyworks and Social Media Relations Manager for US-based Blockchain startup Ubiquity LLC


Legislative Assembly - Lower House

Lower House candidates run in districts. We aren't running candidates in every district so check below to see if we're running in your area. If you don't know which district you live in, you can use the NSW Electoral Commission district lookup tool to find out. 

Mark Ellis for Upper Hunter

Mark is a long-time member of the Liberal Democrats and is a fierce advocate for individual rights, less government interference and a lower cost of living. Mark believes that the major parties have abandoned their principles in the pursuit of power and the outcomes have negatively impacted the people of Upper Hunter.

Mark has a professional background in finance, where he rose to become a Branch Manager of Morgan Stockbroking before turning to computer engineering. Armed with a plethora of qualifications, Mark has worked in many roles including the Department of Defence, Telstra, Transgrid and IBM. Mark’s speciality is troubleshooting systems, a specialty useful for dealing with government.

Mark is 57 years old and has been married to his wife Marina, for 28 years.  They have a 23-year-old daughter who has recently graduated Sydney University with a Science Degree with First Class Honours.  The family have 3 poodles.. 

Steven Bisgrove for Orange

Stephen has lived within the Orange region for the last three years. He feels that the Orange electorate would benefit from a Liberal Democrats member representing the many varied needs of the community. Stephen feels that the principles of small government, lower taxes, volunteerism and more personal freedom should be the cornerstone of any society.

Stephen is self-employed as a Business Consultant who has consulted for many small and medium sized businesses.  He has qualifications in accounting, financial planning, tax law for tax agents and memberships with the Institute of Company Directors, Tax Institute and Professionals Australia.

Stephen has assisted with the management of Progress associations, Kindergartens and Sporting groups and has a strong belief in community participation.

Stephen is married to Dorota and he enjoys gardening, skiing, surfing and bush walking.

Andrew Fleisher for Barwon

Andrew Fleisher has been a libertarian for over thirty years. He believes that government regulation and policy has got in the way of the people of Barwon for too long.

Originally from the US, Andrew migrated to Australia in 1988. He is employed as Defence contractor, working on complex issues – skills that can be applied to sorting out poor government policy.

Andrew advocates that less government regulation on most issues is likely to produce a more equitable and long-term successful solution than the imposition of more red tape and government interference.

Andrew is committed to evidence-based policy and to the removal of regulations that adversely affect the people of Barwon, such as those that have led to disastrous water management. Farmers without water and mass fish kills reflect over regulation and poor planning.

Andrew is a sixty-five-year-old husband, father, engineer, RFS firefighter and shooter.

Chris De Bruyne for Ryde

Chris De Bruyne is political new blood. Passionate about real change, real difference, actively advancing the cause of limited and efficient 21st-century government.

He believes that everyone should have a say, a fair go and is a proponent of voluntarism.

Moving to Ryde 20 years ago, and having lived on every continent during his IT consulting career since, his decade and a half of experience in the information technology began young.

He is leading media creation for the party, and actively works to bring the best public face of the party forward.

Mitchell Strahan for Ku-Ring-Gai

Mitchell Strahan was a volunteer church minister for three years, and was involved in community programs and pastoral work. He is currently studying secondary teaching, where he is majoring in Religious Studies and Modern History. In his spare time, Mitchell enjoys making board games, and is looking to self-publish his first this year.

Mitchell ardently believes in ensuring the right for every person to practice their religious beliefs however they wish, and easing the burden of regulation on teachers in order to promote better graduate outcomes. He is a passionate supporter of the cleanest and cheapest energy source in Australia, nuclear power.

Sam Gunning for North Shore


Sam was born in Sydney, he is a 24-year-old Juris Doctor candidate at the University of Sydney and was elected as North Sydney Council’s youngest ever Councillor in September of last year. Outside of Council, he has worked in a range of industries from managing a hotel in Sydney, and more recently as a legal intern both at a law firm and in an in-house capacity with the aspiration to begin practicing himself by the end of next year.

Sam's formal qualifications are from the University of Sydney, completing a Bachelor of Political, Economic, and Social Sciences majoring in Political Science. His commitment to classical liberal ideas and love of federal politics began with his deep engagement in student politics at the University of Sydney. He now also has formative experience in government as an elected Councillor for the last year.

He will seek to channel this experience and passion for libertarianism into achieving truly liberal outcomes for the constituents of the  North Shore electorate prosecuting the principles of liberalism which the major parties have too often neglected. Indeed, since his election as a Liberal Democrat in the capacity as Councillor, Sam has wherever possible promoted a back-to-basics approach to government with his main aims to reduce rates for his constituents, and to reduce red-tape on small business in the area. He seeks to take these ideas that have made him successful in his role as a Councillor into the State Parliament on behalf of the people of North Shore and will promote the same initiatives that the Liberal Democrats has successfully championed during his time in the parliaments across Australia.

Roland Barber for Holsworthy

. Roland runs his own small business and also works for a waste management company. Roland holds many qualifications and is always actively seeking learning opportunities. Roland is involved with a few small sporting clubs and has a wide range of interests. Since becoming involved with the Liberal Democrats, he shouts at the television a lot less.  

Roland Barber married a beautiful Australian girl in England in 1999, in 2002 he immigrated to Sydney. He now has three wonderful children. Roland became an Australian citizen as soon as he could as he did not want to be sent back. He has renounced his British citizenship.

Dean McCrae for Goulburn


The NSW State electorate of Goulburn has just received a candidate that can best be described as 'outside of the box'. The candidate that other candidates love to hate, describes himself as the “Anti-Pollie Pollie”. Dean McCrae isn't a career politician and neither is he a lawyer, like most of our body politic.


Dean is a fully qualified Chef, and he has taken those skills to build up a series of local businesses with not just an entrepreneurial charm, but the ability to listen to all walks of life as they are invariably his customers.

The 38 year old professional chef believes strongly in the capabilities of the Australian people to create, work and manage the lives they lead. Mr McCrae takes serious issue with the Government - regardless of which party, as he holds them all to blame for the disastrous state of the political management in this State. He intends to stand on holding politicians 'feet to the fire' and to stop the anti-productive government over-regulation that undermines personal and professional opportunities.

Mitchell Black for Wollondilly

Mitchell Black has a background in small business management. He is a specialist in the joinery and furniture manufacturing industry. Mitchell has a unique insight to the impact that government intervention and red tape has had on industry standards, employee training, industry practices and the devastating impact on income for both employees and employers.


Mitchell is a big believer in limited government, more personal freedom and personal accountability. Mitchell believes that given the right tools and information people will make the right decision that best suits themselves, their families, their work and businesses and their health and education.

Greg Renet for Coffs Harbour

Greg has lived on and off in the Coffs Harbor area since 1980 having attended Jetty High School, and has permanently relocated to the area in 2018.  Greg has raised two sons one born at Coffs Harbor Hospital in 1989.  


Greg has worked for over 25 years in the Australian Public Service (APS), taking a Voluntary Redundancy package in 2014 and retiring from the APS as an Assistant Director. During his time in Government he managed portfolio budgets of $80M and negotiated government contracts up to $140M. Greg brings a wealth of financial experience, with the eye cast to ensuring tax payer funds were used wisely and not wasted. Greg has managed both large and small infrastructure projects and have a passion for property and land. Since 2014 to 2018 he been employed as a consultant to Government.

For the last 18 years Greg has also managed a part time business from home and has seen very many changes in how business has been undertaken and at times been held back. Greg would like to see this corrected.


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