National Executive - Liberal Democrats

National Executive


President Gabriel J. Buckley

Gabe Buckley has been the National President of the Liberal Democrats since 2014 and a member of the Federal Executive since 2010. He is a veteran of numerous election campaigns, coming within a hair's breadth of securing a Senate seat in 2016. Gabe grew up in rural Victoria and enjoyed riding motorcycles, water-skiing, shooting, playing football and camping as a youngster. An IT consultant by trade, Gabe has spent many thousands of working hours helping businesses across many industries solve problems created for them by governments. A father of three, Gabe spends his "spare" time rocking out with his band The Whiskey Protocol and managing his own independent record label ANCAP Records.

Anne Kerr 

In the continual pursuit of attempting to avoid association by whatever means practical with the State, Anne has always worked in the private sector in many different industries, and now owns a private manufacturing and importing road case company based in Brisbane.  She joined the Liberal Democrats in 2013, was elected to the National Executive in 2017 and now runs a monthly meeting of the Liberal Democrats on the Gold Coast.

Andrew Cooper

Andrew has resolved to help a better society evolve by peeling back the State's involvement in our economic and personal lives. He is the founder and president of, a not-for-profit organisation advocating classical liberal values and policies, and, an annual conference series celebrating our liberty where it exists and plotting to expand it where it doesn't. Andrew studied business at the Queensland University of Technology, is a past president of Entrepreneur's Organisation Brisbane and is the current president of LDP Qld. To earn a living he invests in commercial property and IT startup companies.

New South Wales

Senator David Leyonhjelm

Elected in 2013 and re-elected in 2016, David Leyonhjelm is the first member of an Australian parliament from a libertarian party. He also managed the Liberal Democrats’ federal election campaigns in 2007, 2010 and 2013. He has a classical liberal outlook, favouring individual choice and freedom over government intrusion.

Duncan Spender

Duncan studied politics and economics during university and has since spent much of his career in the federal Treasury. He is a founding member of the Liberal Democrats in 2001. He has been a senior adviser for Senator Leyonhjelm since 2014. Duncan is also the Party's Treasurer.

Clinton Mead

Clinton Mead is a software developer who joined the party in 2010, and was elected to the National Executive later that year. He was elected to Campbelltown Council in September 2012, becoming the first representative of the party elected under the Liberal Democrats name. Clinton served a 4 year term, including one year as Mayor, where he was vocal in opposing rate rises and excessive regulation on business, developers and ratepayers, including embarrassing the council enough to reverse a draft plan of lowering height limits. His experience in government has made him even more of a libertarian than he was when he entered office, and reinforced the importance of electing more Liberal Democrats to all levels of government.


Leslie Hughes

Leaning toward classical liberalism, Les is an advocate for civil society with the ideal that all interactions be of a voluntary nature. His political interests include government transparency, individual rights, digital rights, housing affordability, and ending the "nanny-state". Les has more than 15 years working as an information technology professional in the private sector, and almost a decade teaching at the tertiary level. In addition to his position on the National Executive, Les has also holds the position of the Secretary for the Victorian State Executive.

South Australia

Michael Noack

Michael is a software engineer in Adelaide who has been a member of the Liberal Democrats since 2007 and now a life-member. Michael became involved with the Liberal Democrats after learning about libertarianism from Ron Paul and others. He is actively involved in SA since it's first branch meeting, helping the state to become the first state registered for the Liberal Democrats. Michael is active on a range of issues, speaking at rallies, working with various groups impacted by the government and has been a candidate in elections at all levels of government, both in lower and upper houses.


Western Australia

Stuart Hatch

Dr Hatch was born and raised in Perth. He is the president of the Western Australian branch of the Liberal Democrats, the executive director of the Australian Libertarian Society, and has also had a long association with the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. Stuart studied physics and electrical engineering at the University of Western Australia and completed his PhD in 2009. He currently works in the field of electron and x-ray microscopy.

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