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Members of Parliament

David Limbrick

In 2018, David was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council for the South Eastern Metropolitan region.

David is a passionate believer in individual liberty and its ability to create peace and prosperity wherever it is allowed to flourish. David has particular interest in the policy areas of drug law reform, taxation, energy policy and digital rights.

David has been a member of the Liberal Democrats State Executive Committee since 2014, and has previously served as state president.

Prior to his election, David has spent most of his career working in the field of Business Analytics and Data Warehousing in a variety of industries, most recently as a senior manager in the finance sector.

David holds a Bachelor of Computing from Federation University where he majored in Computing and Physics. David is also conversationally fluent in Japanese, after living in Japan for several years.

David is a father of 3 young boys and enjoys camping and bushwalking in his spare time.


Tim Quilty

In November 2018 Tim was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Victorian region.

Tim is passionate about individual liberty and the rights of the individual, and believes when people are free to make their own choices, peace and prosperity are the result.

Tim is a member of the Liberal Democrats Victorian State Executive and a former member of the party Federal Executive.

Prior to his election, Tim was a councilor on Wodonga Council, and maintains a strong interest in council affairs.

Tim is an accountant with experience in the public and private sector. Before that, he was a farmer on the family property at Adelong in Southern NSW.

Tim is the father of two young boys and enjoys shooting and fishing in his spare time.

National Executive

John Humphreys - President 

Terje Petersen - Vice President

Samuel Lee - Treasurer

Richard Davies - Secretary | [email protected]

Angus Ward - Assistant Secretary | [email protected]

Rob McCathie

Lloyd Russell

Nathan Thomason

Rob Cribb - Policy Advisor | [email protected]


WA Executive

Matthew Thompson - President

Jourdan Kestel

Brad Chalke

Michael Prinz


SA Executive

Ben Cove - President

Stephen Humble

Peter Miller

Lisa Ormenyessy


Queensland Executive

     Scott Crowe – Media / Social Media | [email protected]

     Myah Davis – Youth Outreach | [email protected]

     Ryan Grice – Events / Volunteerism | [email protected]

     Scott Mason – Membership / Marketing | [email protected]

     Zack O'Brien – Treasurer | [email protected]

     Anthony Bull – President | [email protected]

     Tim Lester – Secretary | [email protected]

     Bede Mudge – Vice President | [email protected]

     Lloyd Russell – Branch coordinator | [email protected]  

NSW Executive

Nathan Thomason - President | [email protected]

Rob Cribb - Vice President | [email protected]

Anthony Rebase - Secretary | [email protected]

Dean McCrae - Branch Coordinator

Charles Rios - Compliance Officer

Callan Strickleton - Communications Officer

Samuel Lee - Treasurer | [email protected]


ACT Executive

Jacob Gowor - President

Guy Jakeman

Stephen Clively

Cameron Hoffman


Victorian Executive

David Limbrick - President | [email protected]

Angus Ward - Secretary | [email protected]

Tim Quilty | [email protected]

Dean Rossiter

Lachlan Christie - Branch Manager | [email protected]