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Taxed to Death

4WD’s are common around Australia. Families use them for the school run, for the weekly shop and for weekend adventures away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, 4WD’s have come under constant attack. Environmentalists say 4WD’s damage the planet via emissions and physical damage to parks which have led to calls for 4WD bans and heavy regulation on modification.

Really, this is another attempt by environmentalists to ban something they do not like. Modern 4WD’s are more fuel efficient and are confined to tracks in parks to reduce potential damage to the environment.

However, there are calls to ban 4WD’s and regulation to stop modifications that would enable off-road enthusiasts from using difficult tracks.

Enough is enough. Sign the petition and stand up to 4WD bans!

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We need to stand together and say enough is enough!