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NSW Donation Information

The State of New South Wales places a number of legal restrictions and requirements on political donations. These restrictions only apply to donations used for the purpose of electing someone in a NSW state of local election. They do not affect donations to the federal party.  

Who can donate
Donations must come from one of the following sources:

  • An individual who is enrolled to vote.
  • An entity with a business number (ABN or ACN)
  • An individual or entity which has supplied the NSW Electoral Commision with identification that is acceptable to it. 

Prohibited donors
It is illegal for the following people and entities to donate to make political donations:

  • Property developers
  • Tobacco industry business entities
  • Liquor industry business entities
  • Gambling industry business entities
  • Close associates of the above (including directors, spouses, joint ventures etc.)

The relevant legislation that defines these prohibited groups can be found in the Electoral Funding Act 2018

Donation Limits
It is illegal for a political entity to receive donations from a single individual or entity above the following limits:

Political Entity Cap
Registered parties and groups $6,300
Unregistered parties, elected members, candidates, associated entities and third-party campaigners $2,800
Legislative Council candidate who is a member of a party $51,100
Legislative Council candidate who is not a member of a party $51,100
Indirect campaign contribution to a registered party or group $6,300
Indirect campaign contribution to an unregistered party, elected member or candidate $2,800

This does not prevent an individual or entity from donating to multiple entities. For example: A single individual may donate $6,300 to one registered political party AND $6,300 a different registered political party without exceeding any donation limits. 

Membership fees of up to $2000 a year do not count toward these limits. 

The caps on political donations are adjusted each financial year and are published on the NSW Electoral Commission’s website.

Funding Disclosures
All donations require disclosure to the NSW electoral commision subject to the following limits:

  • If an individual or entity donates less than $1000 within a financial year the recipient must disclose the amount of the donation without the identity of the donor. 
  • If an individual or entity donate more than $1000 within a financial year both the recipient and the donor must disclose the amount of the donation with the identity of the donor. Donors must use this form to do so. 

When donations are made during the pre-election period for an Assembly general election they must be disclosed within 21 days of the donation. Otherwise, donations must be disclosed within four weeks of the end of the financial year.

If a person makes a political donation on behalf of a corporation that is related to another corporation (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001) and the related corporation has also made a political donation to the party, the person must disclose to the party the name of the corporation and the names of the related corporations and details of the donations made by those related corporations in that same financial year.

How to Donate to the Liberal Democrats' New South Wales Campaign

Electronically send funds to

Account Name: Liberal Democratic Party
BSB: 112 879
Acc: 414 776 773

and send an email to stating who you are.

If you are contributing $1000 or more in a July through June year, state your full name and address. Then, fill in this form and send it to the NSW Electoral Commission.

Donors who have questions about the rules for political donations in NSW should contact the NSW Electoral Commission on 1300 022 011 or email