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NSW Candidates

On this page you can learn more about our candidates and download their how-to-vote flyer.

You can filter the list to a specific candidate by their name or electorate. If you are unsure of your electorate you can check with the NSW Electoral Commission here.

Unfortunately, we do not have a candidate in the Legislative Assembly (lower house) for this electorate. You can still vote for us in the Legislative Council (upper house). To see a list of our candidates click here.

Legislative Council (Upper House)

John Ruddick

#1 NSW Legislative Council

John Ruddick grew up in Tamworth and came to Sydney in 1991 to study at the University of Sydney. In the mid 1990s John was a staffer for Ross Cameron MP and since 2000 has worked as a self-employed mortgage broker.

John joined the Liberal Democrats in mid 2021 after three decades of involvement with the NSW Liberal Party. In 2018 he published Make the Liberal Party Great Again which advocated for democratic reform within that party. He joined the Liberal Democrats after being shocked by the Morrison government’s over-reaction to COVID and the accompanying $1.2 trillion of Commonwealth debt and a capitulation on a fanciful net-zero carbon economy.

John is a regular contributor with the Spectator Australia and has appeared many times on Sky News along with having opinion pieces published in the major Australian newspapers.

How to Vote

Millie Fontana

#2 NSW Legislative Council

Millie Fontana is a 30 year old children's rights advocate, activist, and political commentator based in Western Sydney, NSW.

As the daughter of a lesbian couple, Millie made an entrance into the political spotlight during the same-sex marriage debate and became the face of the 'No' campaign, opposing changes to the marriage act predicting that the push for 'Equality' was a Trojan horse used to undermine those with conservative values, and manipulate discrimination law in the long-term.

Millie decided to run for the Liberal Democrats when the member for Sydney announced his Equality Omnibus bill with no opposition to the bill from a Labor or Liberal government. Millie firmly opposes the bill, citing it as an attack on religion and parental rights.

Millie also recognises an obvious fix to the NSW health crisis, determined to end vaccine mandates and bring emergency service workers and health professionals back to work where they belong.

How to Vote

Natalie Dumer

#3 NSW Legislative Council

I was born in the former USSR, a socialist country, and migrated to Australia in the 70's. We came to a land of opportunity where my family has built an incredible life in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. What my family has achieved is a direct result of the democracy and freedoms this beautiful nation offers its people. In the last 3 years I have watched these freedoms slowly dissipate.

The economy of this country is in disarray due to the COVID response, which has caused a large number of small businesses to close their doors, permanently taking away job opportunities with them. The cost of living is becoming unsustainable for some communities, particularly the cost of energy. We need to look at safe, highly efficient energy alternatives like nuclear energy and utilise our abundant resources, bringing manufacturing, industry and self sustainability back to the people and our land.

Our children's education has become sub-optimal with the control being delegated too far away from parents. Our healthcare requires close scrutiny, including into the disastrous staffing issues.

How to Vote

Clinton Mead

#4 NSW Legislative Council

Clinton Mead is a software developer who also was the sole councillor representing the Liberal Democrats on Campbelltown Council from 2012-2016, one of those years as mayor. In this role he was the only councillor to oppose the Liberal/Labor coalition rate rise, and consistently voted against additional red tape on business, property owners and developers.

Clinton is supporting John Ruddick and the Liberal Democrats this election to help ensure there is at least one voice for liberty, free markets and smaller government in the NSW Parliament.

How to Vote

Elvis Sinosic

#5 NSW Legislative Council

Elvis Sinosic is a pioneer of Australian Martial Arts. He was Australia's first Heavyweight MMA Champion, Australia's first UFC Fighter, Australia's first UFC World Title contender, and the list goes on. Since retiring from fighting, Elvis has become a business owner and family man in Western Sydney. He owns and runs Kings Academy of Martial Arts and UFC Gym Macarthur, running his business in Sydney for over 20 years.

Elvis is also a dedicated family man with two beautiful children, a young boy and girl. Elvis looks to bring the values he's developed in the Martial Arts, Respect, Courtesy, Honesty, Integrity, and Discipline, along with his strong community and family values to the floor of parliament. Elvis has represented Australia around the world and now looks to represent his community in the NSW State Parliament.

If these are the values that you hold dear, then you know who to vote for in this upcoming election.

How to Vote

John Larter

#6 NSW Legislative Council

John Larter is a former Paramedic who lost his job when the state government brought in vaccine mandates in 2021. Spearheading the legal challenge in the NSW Supreme Court against Health Minister Brad Hazzard, he subsequently lost the case that same year. 

Now, John is a leading voice in the community rejecting the NSW Government’s intrusive policies on the personal health choices of its citizens. As a former health professional, John is the leading voice in the battle for NSW Health workers – those who were once glorified by the mainstream media as heroes in the face of the pandemic, and now denied the right to work in their field. John has joined forces with the NSW Liberal Democrats to support a more freedom-focused policy agenda to combat the increasing authoritarianism of the major parties.

How to Vote

Michael Wheeler

#7 NSW Legislative Council

Born and raised in Wagga Wagga, Michael moved to Randwick after completing his HSC to study Economics at the University of New South Wales. Following a career in financial markets and Information technology which saw him living and working across the globe, Michael sought a quieter life for his young family and relocated to Bathurst, where they followed their interests in small farming.

Michael and his wife have since homeschooled their 3 daughters during their primary school years over a 10 year period. He has been involved in community and sporting organisations, whilst consulting to both schools and NSW education authorities on home schooling and other educational issues.

Currently living in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Michael is committed to utilising his business, community and educational experience, strong family values, and principles shared with the Lib Dem Party,  to bring integrity and accountability back to the political landscape of Australia.

How to Vote

Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Alexander Mishalow


I want three things for Blacktown. Liberty, Liberty & Liberty!

When my parents migrated from Eastern Europe, they loved Australia and its freedoms. I was born and raised in Sydney and can see that political correctness is turning our country into what my parents fled.

I have been a community activist since 2007 and will bring real benefits to the local community. This election, reject the Liberal & Labor parties and vote for freedom.

How to Vote

Bentley Logan

The Entrance

Dr Bentley Logan is a local based doctor in general practice on the Central Coast who believes in promoting individualism and free market entrepreneurship to create a prosperous Australia. He supports reducing government burdens by cutting unnecessary regulations, lowering taxes and supporting your individual freedoms.

He promotes pro-business policies to encourage investment and job creation here in the Central Coast. He advocates for government intervention only to protect your rights and to ensure you can have a free go at competition. He aims to create a more prosperous and free State and seeks your support to achieve this vision.

How to Vote

Burchell Wilson


Between international travel and contracting engagements, I have been based in the electorate for the last eight and a half years and my family have been in the area for over 150 years.

I have degrees in Economics and Law from the ANU and a Masters in Economics from Johns Hopkins University. I've worked as the Chief Economist at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and my work history includes Treasury, financial markets, the energy industry and the economic regulation in the disability sector. I have deep experience in public policy at the national level and believe strong leadership is vital to a nation’s success.

I have an unrivalled track record of policy wins at the national level and can legitimately claim to be one of the most impactful public policy economists of my generation. A stimulus measure we put to government in 2009 saved the economy from recession (details here). We held the line on the Gillard Government’s flawed carbon tax and pushed for its eventual repeal.

The campaign to rationalise the Renewable Energy Target that I led and orchestrated at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry took around $12.5bn off the nation's electricity bill from 2014 to 2030. I was targeted by the left and activists in Canberra because I was brutally effective and delivered compelling policy leadership on behalf of the business community.

How to Vote

Gail Stevens


I am a well-known member of the financial services industry in Australia as a speaker, mentor and coach. I never thought I would join politics however over the last 3 years I saw the fear that was being created in many communities especially in NSW. Restrictions cut us off from our family, our friends, our work and our businesses as we were unable to operate. Our landscape,and indeed the landscape of our world, changed very quickly and is still very unstable.

The Vaucluse demographics are constantly changing too. Schools, transport and particularly health services definitely need improvement and are on my agenda. My biggest goal is to form a relationship with my constituents through regular forums and meetings to discover your needs and get them actioned as soon as possible. I know I can make a difference spurred on by my constituents’ input.

For those who I have not had a chance to meet yet, please have a look at my website and my educational qualifications on LinkedIn to learn more about me.

How to Vote

Gemma Noiosi

Macquarie Fields

Gemma Noiosi was born and raised in South Western Sydney. In 2009 she studied Music Business and from 18 years old, she has been working in the Music Industry as a professional singer. Alongside her music career from 2013 she was a registered strata manager, however retired from that role when she became a mother.

Gemma and her husband, Anthony, are true advocates for small business, low taxes, family values and personal freedom. After many years of being a “swing” voter, she realised that Libertarinsim was the socially and economically consistent political philosophy she has believed all along and joined the Liberal Democrats.

She was opposed to the Federal and State Governments response to Covid and realised that change is needed for Australians to truely be “one and free.”

How to Vote

Geoffrey Robertson


Geoffrey Robertson was born in Narromine in the heart of rural NSW. With a diverse education spanning from Earth Sciences to Fine Arts and a successful career in Hospitality Management in the Education and Aged Care sectors his knowledge and understanding of peoples needs make him well suited to provide the leadership and direction needed at this critical stage in Australia’s future direction.

Net Zero policies will destroy our agriculture industry and result in the forced removal of farmers from their lands. These policies have cost trillions and only account for 2% of the worlds energy production. Renewables have resulted in a huge increase in mining and fossil fuel usage. Wind and Solar installations destroy vast tracts of land, devastate bird and bat populations and still need a backup energy supply thus doubling the amount of infrastructure needed and crippling supply.

There is no Climate Emergency. Climate related deaths are down 99% over the past millennia. Increased CO2 levels have resulted in a 25% greening of the planet and record crop yields. Plants love CO2 and so should we.

How to Vote

Jeffrey Grimshaw


Jeff Grimshaw was the man behind last year's "Put the Majors Last" federal-election campaign and is running in the seat of Hornby against Matt "The Green" Kean. Jeff is an activist, speaker and author of "Trigger Warming", a book debunking the global warming narrative.

Julie Morkos Douaihy


I am a civil engineer with over 20 years of experience, working locally and abroad on large infrastructure projects. I am also a wife and mother of two young boys. I have a deep understanding of the challenges facing working families, particularly in the current economic climate. My passion for helping everyday Australian families has led me to become a family advocate, where I use my expertise to provide a common sense approach to financial and lifestyle challenges.

Growing up in the western suburbs, I have always embraced the local multicultural community and have a deep appreciation for diversity and inclusion. My experience in engineering has honed my problem-solving and project management skills, which apply to my work in family advocacy. I am an excellent communicator and collaborator, able to work effectively with individuals and teams to achieve results.

With my unique background and expertise, I am well-equipped to lead and support initiatives that help working families thrive. My dedication to empowering and supporting families make me a valuable asset to state parliament.

How to Vote

Margaret Hammond

Northern Tablelands

I'm a mother of two children, born and schooled in snowy Guyra. I've worked in retail property management, the hospitality industry, quality assurance, accounting and with the Attorney General's Department at the Local Court. I'm currently a small business owner of a guesthouse in Guyra and I also perform professionally as a singer/songwriter/manager.

I've volunteered at four elections and enjoy politics. My other interests include maths, science, history, art, computer graphics, gardening, carpentry, music, travelling, comedy and hunting, fishing and shooting.

I believe in a society where all Australians have an equal opportunity to succeed and flourish. Where the government is transparent, accountable and efficient. I am opposed to political indoctrination in public schools, vaccine mandates, censorship and identity politics. I stand for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and common sense.

How to Vote

My Trinh

Castle Hill

Dr My Le Trinh graduated from the University of Sydney in 1992 and has since been a General Practitioner serving in the Hills District for the past 22 years. She owned and managed a successful Medical Centre in Baulkham Hills for over a decade. My is also a Christian, living out her faith by serving the poor in Cambodia for more than 12 years, providing free medical healthcare and various humanitarian projects to the local communities.

We are living in unprecedented times, where our human rights, dignity and sovereignty have been compromised due to the enforced implementation of lockdown measures, the mandatory wearing of face masks and the imposed vaccine mandate. Has the government provided us with accurate information regarding the pandemic, and was the vaccine truly necessary, considering recent evidence that suggests its ineffectiveness and potential harm? To ascertain the truth, it is essential that a Royal Commission be established.

The mismanagement of the economy has had a profoundly negative effect, resulting in a surge of debt and inflation, a steep rise in interest rates, and a substantial increase in the cost of living. This debt will be passed on to future generations through taxation, making it essential that we make our votes count by voting for the Liberal Democrats, rather than major parties, in order to secure our future and that of our children.

Furthermore, to sustain our industry and stimulate job and economic growth, we should not overlook the accessible and cost-efficient sources of coal and gas. Rather, we should investigate alternative sources of energy, such as nuclear energy, as renewable energy cannot provide us with cost-effective and reliable energy.

How to Vote

Paul Jackson


Paul Jackson grew up in the Western Sydney area of Parramatta after a few early years living at Cams Wharf on Lake Macquarie. He has lived on the Central Coast since 2008 and continues to run his manufacturing, retailing and training companies since 1994.

Paul was introduced to the Liberal Democrats in 2023 by Joel Jamal and Millie Fontana who encouraged him to run for a State seat at the 2023 elections. After experiencing the atrocious government overreach of the past three years, the ongoing loss of our freedoms and privacy, together with the mismanagement of covid, Paul felt compelled to put his hand up to run for the State seat of Swansea.

Paul is a leader with the NSW Australian Peacemakers standing up for Truth, the God given rights of others, striving for what is right and to stay in honour, irrespective of his own welfare while serving others.

How to Vote

Rosa Sicari (Rosetta)


I am a married, mother, grandmother and retired childcare educator. I also ran many successful, family small businesses. I have lived, worked and raised my family in the Macarthur area for over 40 years. During that time I have contributed to the community by volunteering through my church, work and children’s school. I am passionate about helping the vulnerable and youth in our community. To empower them with education, careers and jobs.

I am running to:

  1. Lift mandates for healthcare workers. Reinstate jobs to paramedics, nurses, doctors and healthcare staff. Reducing wait times in hospital emergency departments is desperately needed.
  2. Promote conservative family values.
  3. Protect the freedom to practice your religion without fear and intimidation from the government.

How to Vote

Vanessa Hadchiti


I am an experienced Allied Health Practitioner with a Masters of International Public Health and Masters of Infectious Disease Intelligence. I have worked as a Podiatrist for over 20 years, including as a self-employed practitioner, trained in the Army reserves, and have been an active humanitarian worker both locally and abroad. Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to serving others, and now, I aim to continue this passion in Parliament.

Growing up in an environment that valued quality of life, I have noticed that younger generations are being denied the same opportunity. Parents are working longer hours to keep up with rising costs, ultimately leading to less quality time with their children and families. I believe that the government can reduce this burden by minimizing red tape, regulations, and the cost of living. By managing the state budget more efficiently, we can improve access to healthcare, infrastructure, and education while minimizing wasteful expenses.

For too long, the state has taken more than it has given. One example of this is the high land tax in NSW, which burdens both landowners and tenants with extra expenses. It is time for a positive change, and I am ready to make a difference.

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