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No More Nanny State

Government should not try to protect us from our own choices. Adults should be free to make decisions regarding themselves, even if others disapprove.

We might not like that other people smoke, take risks, eat unhealthily - or support the Australian Greens. That doesn't mean we should ban them from doing it.

The Liberal Democrats recognise that we're all better off when we're able to make our own choices and when we don't try to restrict one anothers' behaviour. Sign here if you agree.

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What About the Health Costs?

Some believe that unhealthy behaviour costs taxpayers money by driving up health costs. This cost to the taxpayer is often cited as a justification for cigarette taxes.

However, the government taxes smokers 17 times more than they cost the health system. This means the government is actually forcing other people's costs onto smokers, not the other way around.

Leaving that aside, the government is the thing that takes tax money and spends it on healthcare. Smokers don't force you to pay for their health costs, government does, and it's unfair to punish smokers for what government is doing to taxpayers.

What if Others Are Affected?

The Liberal Democrats support evidence based laws that restrict behaviours that harm others. Nobody has a right to harm others.

However, we oppose the use of collective punishment. The many who do the right thing shouldn't be penalised because of the few who do the wrong thing.

Take drunk driving as an example. There's strong evidence that driving drunk puts other peoples lives in danger and this is a good reason to restrict drunk driving, but it isn't a reason to restrict drinking in general.

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Nanny staters are people want to foist their opinions on others and Liberal Democrats are people who don't.

We have a policy of leaving people alone and letting them live their lives in peace. It's not too much to ask for. In fact, it's asking for nothing.

Support liberty, let other people do what they want to, and keep the government out of people's personal lives.

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