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Minor party in David & Goliath battle against the majors

A landmark decision on whether the major parties have a monopoly on using words in their party name is set to be handed down this week, as a David & Goliath style battle enters its final days in the High Court of Australia.

The Liberal Democratic Party has taken on the battle in response to a challenge by the Liberal Party of Australia, who joined forces with the Labor Party to pass legislation in the peak of the Covid-19 crisis to silence other parties using the same or similar words in a party name.

Lead LibDem Senate candidate for NSW, John Ruddick, who is also the plaintiff in the case against the Commonwealth, described the challenge as an assault on democracy.

“If the High Court rules in favour of the Liberal Party, it will give big parties a monopoly on words like ‘green’, ‘socialist’, ‘farmers’, ‘labor’, ‘conservative’, ‘liberal’ or any other word. A Seniors Party, for example, would be permitted but a party called ‘Seniors for Climate’, or ‘Liberty Seniors’ would not.

“Australia would be the only liberal democracy in the world with such a law. Switzerland has three parties with the word liberal in its name and Denmark has two.

“If we win, the Liberal Democrats will get to keep our name, which is the most accurate representation of our party.

“No matter the outcome, it is clear that the Liberal Party is running scared and have finally woken up to the fact that the Liberal Democrats is Australia’s only true liberal party.”

Founded in 2001, the Liberal Democrats have always advocated for citizen-trusting, freedom-loving and small government policies. The party is contesting the 2022 federal election with a full suite of policies outlined in our Freedom Manifesto.

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