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Lower Taxes

Lower Income Tax

The Liberal Democrats support significant cuts to income tax. This would leave working Australians with more money in their pockets and would make them less reliant on government services and assistance.

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End Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is an inefficient tax that makes housing less profitable and more expensive. At a minimum, stamp duty should be replaced with a more efficient tax. Ideally, it should be removed altogether.  

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End Fuel Excise

Fuel excise accounts for a third of the cost of petrol. The Liberal Democrats believe that fuel excise should be immediately scrapped in order to bring down the cost of living for all Australians.

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End Alcohol Excise

Responsible drinkers don't harm anyone else and they shouldn't have to pay extra taxes merely because others want them to. Costs incurred by irresponsible drinkers ought to be paid by those irresponsible individuals. 

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End Tobacco Excise

Tobacco excise charges smokers more than 17 times the cost of their medical expenses. Why should smokers be forced to pay more than their own costs? Tobacco excise is just a way to use smokers as cash machines, even smokers who are desperately poor.  

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