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Fewer Taxes and Lower Taxes

Australians pay far too much tax. Taxes reduce the incentive to work and they make it harder for people to save and invest.

People work hard earning to support themselves, to improve their lives, and to help those around them. They deserve to keep what they earn.

The Liberal Democrats would cut income taxes significantly. This would leave working Australians with more money in their pocket and would make them less dependent on government assistance.

Our tax plan is fully costed and details are avaliable in our alternative budget.

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The Liberal Democrats would raise the tax-free threshold from $18,200 to $40,000. This would ensure that all working Australians would pay less tax.

Raising the tax-free threshold is especially beneficial to those on lower incomes. It makes it easier for those who are struggling to save money and helps prevent welfare dependancy.

A sizeable tax-free threshold also reduces instances where an individual pays tax while also recieving government benefits.

Australia's current tax schedule punishes both effort and success. Employees who work more hours and households on a single income pay a higher tax rate than employees who work fewer hours and households with multiple income earners.

A flat tax, on the other hand, is proportionate. It still demands that those who have more, pay more, but it doesn't punish effort or success.

At the same time, keeping the tax rate low ensures Australians keep more of their own money. This makes them less dependent of government handouts and gives them more control over their finances.

The Liberal Democrats love tax cuts. Our tax plan is fully costed and would leave working Australians tens of thousands of dollars better off.

Tax cuts on this scale require significant reductions in government spending and we understand this might make some people a little nervous.

However, the Liberal Democrats believe in a social safety net and our budget does not require or suggest the removal of welfare or healthcare safety nets from the poor.

Signing here helps us keep in contact with you and lets us know that you care about lower taxes.