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The Liberal Democrats support your right to live your life however you wish, so long as you respect the same right for others. For specific information please follow one of the links above. For a more detailed explanation of our philosophy see "Our Philosophy". 


The Liberal Democrats support the legalisation of use, cultivation, processing, possession, transport and sale of cannabis, with protection of minors and penalties for driving while impaired. The Liberal Democrats believe  in:  Legalising...
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National defence is a legitimate role of the Commonwealth government. However, unnecessary expenditure on defence contributes to excessive taxation. Policy The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) recognises that: National defence is a legitimate...
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The Liberal Democrats believe in constitutional democracy and support voluntary voting, citizens initiated referenda, fixed parliamentary terms, recall elections, constitutional protection of private property and sunset clauses on legislation. Policy voluntary voting...
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The Liberal Democrats support freedom and democracy at home and abroad. Policy The Liberal Democrats support professional diplomatic engagement together with trade representation (funded on a user-pays basis) to foster bilateral trade....
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Lifestyle Choices

Adults must be free to make their own lifestyle decisions, including marriage, without interference by the government or any need for its approval. Policy Believes private sexual activities and lifestyle choices voluntarily...
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The Liberal Democrats support freedom of religion but oppose government involvement in religion including funding of programs based on religion and efforts to impose religious beliefs on others. Policy Acknowledge the significant...
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The LDP believes school regulation should be devolved to state level and funded through school vouchers that promote competition between schools and encourage parental choice. Policy Progressive withdrawal of governments from the...
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