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Our plan for better local government

We’re all in this together
Rates and Councillor pay should be reset to Jan 2019 levels and be frozen until September 2022.
High rates mean high rents: businesses, renters and people paying off their mortgages should not be put under financial strain by wasteful councils. Furthermore, mayoral and councillor expenses should be re-examined and frozen if deemed unnecessary.

Ratepayer approved rate rises
All rate rises must be approved by 60% of ratepayers in the council area.
Councils continue to raise rates to fund their vanity projects. The Liberal Democrats believe the councils should be about roads, rubbish and reducing rates – anything that increases financial burden on the ratepayer should be approved by the ratepayer.
Ratepayer approved pay rises
All Councillor pay rises above CPI must be approved by 60% of ratepayers in the council area.
Councillors continue to treat ratepayers like their own personal piggy banks to fund exorbitant salaries and expenses. Ratepayers are struggling to make ends meet and should have a say in how their money is spent.
Restoring property rights
Over bearing councils have illogical regulations around upgrading your property.
The Liberal Democrats believe you should be able to upgrade your home and land however you see fit. Long DA processes and permits to cut down or clear dangerous flora are unnecessary. The property owner understands what is best for them and should accept the risk.

Ending never needed regulations
Council’s have temporarily frozen regulations that stifle local economies – the Liberal Democrats believe they should be abolished.
COVID-19 represents a strain on our economy and lives. Local councils have frozen regulations in order to make businesses more efficient and feel less of a strain. Permanently abolishing these regulations will help businesses recover.

End Nanny-State bans
Councils continue to ban vaping and smoking in council areas, limiting the choices of individuals.
Councils have no business in policing the personal choices of individuals. The Liberal Democrats believe that nanny-state bans enforced by councils such as vaping bans should be immediately reversed.

Cut unnecessary spending
All Council programs should be based around roads, rubbish and reducing rates. All other policies should be cut in order to help the struggling ratepayer.
Council programs grow each year while the basics are ignored. The Liberal Democrats believe that unnecessary council programs should be immediately cancelled.