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Over the summer, festival goers have been dying from pills which are sold as MDMA but were cut with harmful material. In Europe, governments have adopted harm minimisation methods such as private pill testing to reduce the number of deaths. If the same policies were adopted here in NSW, dodgy dealers who peddle dangerous product would be lose their customer base and more importantly, lives would be saved.

The NSW government and police are against harm minimisation methods, they prefer to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to drugs. Fears of deaths have increased police and sniffer dogs at festivals encourages people to ingest large quantities of pills which leads to overdoses. The NSW government and police are opposed to private companies setting up booths at festivals to trial pill testing, with one police commissioner threatening to have police at the booths to arrest people wishing to use them.

The Liberal Democrats believe in a harm minimisation approach to drugs. Government should not be involved in the lifestyle choices of adults and should not impede methods which lead to safer outcomes. Show your support for legal pill testing in NSW.

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