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Half a century ago, nuclear power was on track to out-compete fossil fuels around the globe, which would have dramatically reduced the price of electricity and greenhouse gas emissions.

What happened? Anti-nuclear activism and regulation. Australia is a leading exporter of Uranium, yet despite being a perfect candidate for nuclear power has never built a nuclear power plant.

Power prices are soaring in Australia due to a lack of agreement on energy, as well as the selective and disruptive subsidisation of certain energy technologies.

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There is a strong case for using nuclear power, despite a global anti-nuclear agenda. The case of Germany illustrates the point. While pursuing its famous Energiewende (energy transformation) the country has spent $222 billion deploying wind and solar power while simultaneously closing its nuclear power plants.

The result? Carbon dioxide emissions in recent years have been rising instead of falling, as Germany has relied on coal power to supply its energy grid when renewables are inactive.

The lesson for Australia is that renewables must always be balanced with reliable baseload power, that can preferably be operated cleanly. Senator Spender believes that, for Australia, nuclear is the clear candidate.