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Just Legalise It - End the ban on recreational Cannabis

Cannabis use is a personal choice. It doesn't harm anyone else so the government has no place controlling it. Furthermore, cannabis has a number of medicinal uses, many of which replace more addictive and dangerous opioid medications. Cannabis is generally benign to the consumer, especially when compared to legal recreational and pharmaceutical drugs.

It should not be the government's job tell you what you can and can not put into your body

It's Time To Legalise It


Legalise Recreational Cannabis

👌  Legalising Cannabis would create a booming billion dollar industry

👌  Over 80,000 arrests a year are related to Cannabis 

👌  You have the right to decide how you relax, not the Nanny State 

It's your body, it should be your choice what you do with it
Stats: https://bit.ly/2NRv2Yf


Help The Liberal Democrats Legalise Cannabis 

The liberal democrats want to make the trade and consumption of recreational and medical cannabis legal, applying the same rules for trade and consumption that currently exist for alcohol. We believe that Australian adults own their own bodies and should be the financial decision maker in what they wish to put into it. It's time to end the cannabis ban - its time to just legalise it.

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