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Legalise Vaping - It's Just Stupid That It's A Crime

According to research from European Addiction Research, vaping is a safer (and less smelly) alternative to smoking; it provides many smokers with a method of quitting that numerous ex-smokers swear by. Despite the health benefits and potential lives that could be saved, the TGA believes that legalising vaping sends the wrong message that smoking is ok.

We think it is not the government's job to dictate what you should do with your body, and we think it is just plain stupid that this healthier alternative is banned. Thousands of Australian's lives should be free to make a choice to switch to an alternative that may save their life.

Vaping is healthier than smoking, it should be legal

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Vaping Should Not Be A Crime

💨 It may save lives - vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking

💨 Queensland has some of the most restrictive vaping laws, with a fine of up to $9,108 for users or suppliers of nicotine vaping

💨 Legalising vaping would allow Australian businesses to service a multi-million dollar market

Statistics from European Addiction Research, &


The Liberal Democrats Will Legalise Vaping

Australian's should not be treated as criminals for deciding to consume a product that is less harmful than currently legal cigarettes. It is not the government's job to baby adult Australian's towards a decision they believe is more socially acceptable, the Liberal Democrats believe it should be the right of every Australian adult to decide for themselves what they wish to do with their own bodies.

What will legalising vaping do?

  • Provide Australian's a healthier alternative

    Legalising vaping could save lives, providing Australian adults with a healthier alternative to smoking


  • Save smokers/vapers more money

    The cost of vaping fluid is so much cheaper than cigarettes.


  • Stop making criminals out of vapers

    Current vapers could be hit with a $9,108 fine in QLD


  • Build a multi-million dollar Australian industry

    Australian's should be able to profit from this growing market, instead of sending business overseas.



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