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See Real Change In Australian Politics - Join The Liberal Democrats

The two-party duopoly of Labor and Liberal plaguing parliament house has not achieved anything for the average Australian, and citizens from around the country are tired of their back and forth politics. With your support, we can break this norm and bring about real change to make an Australia a better place to live.


The Liberal Democrats Stands Up For Australians



The Liberal Democrats is a party for Australians who want to see the government get off your back. We believe the political establishment is maintaining its bloated cartel through eroding your freedoms, ensuring life is unpleasant for you in this great country. The Liberal Democrats are the only party in Australia that will always defend your rights to live life as you see fit.

The Liberal Democrats Defends Your Rights 

  • The Right To Live Your Life

    We believe you have the right to live your life the way you feel makes sense to you, and that you are mature enough to take responsibility for your actions.


  • The Right To Keep Your Money

    We believe that your hard earned money, is your hard earned money, and we oppose any attempt by the government to unfairly take more of it from you.


  • The Right To Look After Your Family

    We believe that you have the right to protect themselves and their family from harm, and not force you to be a victim in your own home.


  • The Right To Pursue Your Dreams

    We believe that you should be free to take risks, and not be bogged down by red tape and nanny state compliance, to try and make your dreams a reality.  


Break up the Liberal/Labor cartel, Join The Liberal Democrats

With your help, Australian's can get a real voice in the government that defends your interests and your rights to be the Australian you want to be.
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*77,601 QLD Senate votes at the 2016 Federal Election

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