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Stop Shouting the Taxman Free Beer

Most Aussies agree, a good cold beer is the perfect way to relax with their friends. However, did you know everytime you buy a carton of beer, you are shouting the tax man a free half-carton of beer? The alcohol sin tax raises the average carton of beer by over $20. It time to stop punishing Australians for enjoying a cold one.

The most expensive ingredient in beer and other alcohols, at almost 50% of the retail price, is its excessive taxes.

  Remove The Excessive Alcohol Tax


Quit Shouting The Taxman Beer

❌ The taxes on alcohol nearly doubles the price of beer

❌ Every time you buy a carton of beer, you pay the tax man over $20

❌ Excessive Alcohol Taxes punish Australians for enjoying themselves

The Australian Government wants to baby average Australians


Help The Liberal Democrats Remove The Excessive Alcohol Tax 

The liberal democrats want to stop the taxman from ripping you off everytime you buy beer, wine or spirits. We believe that Australian adults should be treated liked adults, being free to relax and enjoy a cold one with their friends without being punished by the taxman. It's time to remove the excessive Alcohol tax and make the taxman pay for their own beer.

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