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Taxed to Death

Why are police resources squandered on traffic trivialities and victimless crimes when there are serious violent offences happening all the time?

It seems every week we hear about another robbery, another gang attack, another rape, or another person killed, yet government attention is directed toward creating and enforcing laws that do little but pilfer the pockets of non-violent and generally law-abiding citizens.

The new wave of gang violence is particularly concerning. Some refuse to acknowledge it is a problem because most of the offenders belong to a minority racial group. But solving it isn’t about attacking people on the basis of their race; it’s about protecting innocent people. The “police reassurance patrols” the Andrews government has created will not solve the problem; citizens need violent offenders off the streets, not reassurance.

The first step in addressing this issue is to acknowledge that it exists, something the government has been very reluctant to do.

We shouldn’t tiptoe around the sentiments of those who are more worried about perceived racism than a genuine violent crime problem. It doesn’t matter what race or ethnic group you belong to; if you commit a crime, you should be dealt with by the law.

The Liberal Democrats believe that law and order is paramount to a civil society, sign-up if you agree.

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It's time to end Labor's soft stance on crime