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Join The State Executive - Queensland

Interested in Shaping Politics in QLD?

If you are a member of the Liberal Democrats who desire to make changes in QLD politics, helping build and promote liberty, freedom and accountability; then consider volunteering to join the Liberal Democrats Queensland State Executive. In June 2021, we are hosting our state AGM, to be hosted in-person and via zoom. At this event, nominations for the state executive will be voted by members to serve terms ranging from 3 to 1 years in length.

As a member of the state executive you will help drive change in your community and assist in building the parties numerous branches, as well contributing your thoughts to election campaign strategy and communication channels. 

If you have the time, energy and passion to help shape the politics in your state; then put your name down on this form.

Indicate your preferred role/roles in your submission, so we know what type of role best suits your strengths.

Will you volunteer?