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Taxed to Death

A major contributing factor in road casualties in driver fatigue. Long roadways like the Hume Freeway have low speed limits by international standards which cause long distance drivers to grow tired and as a result cause accidents. What is the government’s solution to this problem? It suggests you take more breaks while you drive. Currently, if you are travelling from Melbourne to Wodonga, it will take you 3 hours and 20 minutes, not including breaks. That is still a long time driving. There needs to be a balance of safety and efficiency.

Liberal Democrats candidate for Northern Victoria, Councillor Tim Quilty, has suggested that an increase of speed on the Hume will save lives. The Liberal Democrats believe that adopting the 85th percentile rule will save lives. This rule dictates that limits should be set at a speed that 85% of drivers do not exceed. If the speed limit on the Hume was raised to 130km/hour as the 85th percentile would dictate, travelling from Melbourne to Wodonga would only take 2hrs 40mins, saving time and reducing driver fatigue.

It's time to rethink speed limits Victoria, sign up if you agree.

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We need to stand together and say enough is enough!