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Make Housing Affordable

Housing in Australia's major cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, has become so expensive that many are giving up on their dreams of home ownership.

The main reason for such expensive housing is to do with supply and demand. Many people want to live in the city, but there's only a small trickle of new houses being built.

The fact that housing is expensive also means that building new housing is highly profitable. So why the lack of new houses? The problem is that government regulation, particularly zoning and planning regulation, artificially restricts the supply of new housing.

First home buyers grants, removal of negative gearing, and rent controls do nothing to increase the overall supply of housing.

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While availability plays a huge role in prices, stamp duty also drives up the price for the consumer. Stamp duty adds almost $50,000 to the cost of an average home in Sydney. If the major parties cared about housing affordability, they'd start by no longer taxing housing.

Moreover, stamp duty should have been removed already. The introduction of GST was sold with the promise of removing state taxes, such as stamp duty. Unsuprisingly, state governments decided to accept GST revenue but reneged on the promise to remove stamp duty.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can be trusted to reduce taxes. Let's remove stamp duty, show your support by signing the petition!