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HoR Candidates

This election we are running House of Representative candidates in New South Wales, Queensland, and The Australian Capital Territory:



CALARE - Stephen Bisgrove

Stephen has lived in the Orange region for the last three years. He feels that the Calare electorate would benefit from a Liberal Democrats member representing the many varied needs of the community. Stephen feels that the principles of small government, lower taxes, volunteerism and more personal freedom should be the cornerstone of any society,

FARRER - Mark Ellis

Mark has a professional background in finance, where he rose to become a Branch Manager of Morgan Stockbroking before turning to computer engineering. Armed with a plethora of qualifications, mark has worked in many roles including the Department of Defence, Telstra, Transgrid and IBM. Mark's specialty is troubleshooting systems, a specialty useful for dealing with government.

Mark is 57 years old and has been married to his wife Marina for 28 years. They have a 23 year old daughter whp has recently graduated from Sydney University with a Science Degree with First Class Honours. The family have three poodles.

LYNE - Dean McCrae

Dean is a 38 year old qualified chef, and he has taken those skills to build up a series of local businesses with not just an entrepreneurial charm, but the ability to listen to all walks of life, as they are invariably his customers.

He believes strongly in the capabilities of the Australian people to create, work and manage the lives they lead, and takes serious issue with the government - regardless of which party, as he holds them all to blame for the disastrous state of the political management of the State. He intends to stand on holding politicians "feet to the fire" and to stop the anti-productive government over-regulation that undermines personal and professional opportunity.



PARKES - Daniel Jones

Dan is a Dubbo local who after a couple of redundancies became a Taxi driver, and has loved the opportunity to be able to meet and chat with people from all over the world ever since. Listening to people's concerns from the front seat of a cab has given Dan some fairly unique insights into humanity. He is utilitarian by nature, and has always believed in personal responsibility and trying to find a good work/life balance, whilst pursuing intellectual interests.

He believes that a good government tries to find a balance between good governance and civil liberties, and his favourite expression is , "Be just and fear not".



FADDEN - Jake Welch

Jake Welch is an active Fadden resident, and a member of many local clubs and communities. He's a full time Psychology and Business Student at Southern Cross University. He works part-time. Welch loves the Gold Coast and is passionate about social and economic freedom for Fadden's residents and for all Australia.


FAIRFAX - Bertrand Cadart

Bertrand began his career in the mid/late 60's in France as a drama student and performer. He then worked as a radio presenter, where he enjoyed the chance to be part of the voice heard by so many. After his National Service he moved to Australia  and continued his radio work with the ABC on Radio National. There he was charged with creating and producing an entertaining show for an audience who would listen intently to his rhetoric and politics -  all done with his usual flamboyant style.

Whilst living in Tasmania, he decided to run as a local Councillor. He was duly elected and served for over 11 years before eventually becoming Mayor for 7 years. He also ran a vigorous and creative campaign with the Liberal Party, but was instantly drawn to the Liberal Democrats when he moved to the Sunshine State. After spending over a year learning about the party, and meeting some of the members, Bertrand realised that the LDP fit his true and sincere absolute libertarianism principles and philosophy. 


McPHERSON - Scott Crowe

Scott is a proud advocate of free speech, free markets, limited government and individual liberty. He is the creator of the popular YouTube channel, Independent Man, that boasts over 120,000 subscribers. Scott spent 5 years in the financial markets in Sydney and lived abroad for 14 years, mostly in academic capacities at various Japanese Universities. 

Scott grew up in Wagga Wagga and attended Charles Sturt University where he studied a Bachelor of Business Accountancy/Economics. He also holds a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Southern Queensland.


MONCRIEFF - Sly Gryphon

Sly is a keen advocate for civil liberties and social freedom, but studied economics at University so had to find a political party that also supports free markets and limited government - the Liberal Democrats. He currently works as a Senior consultant at a top boutique IT consultancy firm, and is a qualified Project Manager. In his spare time Sly is involved in open source software development and tabletop board games.


RANKIN - Richard Davies

Ric Davies is well known in Rankin as a resident of more than 20 years, as a Migration Agent assisting migrants and the various migrant communities, volunteering as a Justice of the Peace, and as a small business coach and mentor. 

Being self employed, Ric has natural empathy with the aspirations of those seeking a better life for themselves and for their families from their own efforts. He identifies with the Liberal Democrat aims for lower taxes and smaller government with less red tape and bureaucracy. He is current Secretary of the QLD branch of the Migration Institute of Australia, and Secretary of the QLD branch of the Liberal Democrats.

More than 4000 new small business owners know him from his training and mentoring during their start up phase, with an extraordinary success rate of over 90% of those businesses being successfully established. With his own children now all adults, and his grandchildren navigating the education system in the digital age, he appreciates how families struggle being time poor, with the need for both parents having to work in most families. Ric believes that the Liberal Democrats have better solutions than either of the major parties, better than the populists, and can make life even better in Australia. This is his second time standing for election in Rankin, with his first in 2016.



BEAN - Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly is the Liberal Democrats candidate for Bean in the ACT, and has lived in Canberra (Weston Creek) most of his life.

Matt is standing in Bean to offer more choice to its residents in saying no to ‘big government’ and no to higher taxes. Matt also stood for the Liberal Democrats as its Senate candidate in the 2016 election, because the LDP’s policy position aligns with his own beliefs about individual freedom and personal responsibility.