End the War on Gelblasters

Gel blasters are toys that shoot small water soaked balls (similar to the water beads used in vases), using either an electric motor or simple gas system within a gun-shaped casing.

Gelsoft games in dedicated fields are a source of outdoors fitness, comradery and safe family fun. Veterans have celebrated the mental health benefits for PTSD, and thousands of kids are getting off the Xbox and out in the fresh air with their friends. It is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia.

Gel blasters are ILLEGAL in all states except Queensland and South Australia, and even there they are under attack from new legislation. THIS MUST BE FOUGHT.

The Liberal Democrats demand the legalisation of gel-blaster ownership and use across Australia, without oppressive legislation that treats toys like guns.

We stand behind the close-knit and supportive community that just want to enjoy their sport safely and responsibly.

We oppose the move by Queensland and South Australian governments to treat toys like weapons.

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