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End the lockdowns; Open the country

This petition calls on the government to set a date this year for when Australia will return to the “old normal” of no lockdowns, no border closures, and no other COVID regulations.

Australians have been fairly patient over the last 18 months as the government attempted to come to terms with a difficult situation. This patience has a limit. As time goes on, governments around the country continue to stoke exaggerated fear and panic, renew their emergency powers, avoid honest risk assessments, while imposing new restrictions and draconian controls that have no end in sight.

Public policy is being driven by fear that is out of proportion to the actual risk. The ongoing lockdowns and border closures have created massive costs in terms of personal freedom, children’s education, struggling businesses, community groups, government debt, lost personal connections, deteriorating health & happiness, mental health issues, and lives lost. Too many people have had to put their lives on hold for too long. This cannot continue.

Setting a date this year will force discipline on the government with their vaccine rollout, give people the opportunity to get vaccinated if they choose, provide clarity & certainty about the future, and ensures that we will soon be able to start living our lives properly again. Liberal Democrat MP David Limbrick has called it “freedom day”, and indeed the time has come for Australians to demand our freedom back. Please consider signing this petition, and sharing with your friends.

End the lockdowns.

Open the country.

Freedom over fear.

This petition was created by the Liberal Democrats. Authorised by John Humphreys, Level 1, 203-205 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149. Your details will not be shared with any third parties.

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