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The rise of the Nanny State is becoming ever more pervasive.  Presumably, the attitude of our elected officials is that we cannot look after ourselves; that we have no self-control; and they need to save us from ourselves. 

It has been approximately ten years since fireworks were banned in the ACT.  At the time, a strong proponent of the ban, Mr Hargreaves MLA (Labor Party), assured ACT residents that we would still be able to enjoy public displays (refer ABC news article ACT bans fireworks 24 August 2009).  These would include New Year’s Eve (cancelled in 2020, due to bushfires) and Skyfire (also cancelled in 2020, due to COVID). 

The irony of Mr Hargreaves, the then Transport Minister, stepping down following him being charged with a drink driving offense, is certainly not lost on ACT residents. 

Unlike the attitudes of some elected officials, that believe that they know best and the people need to be told what to do, the ACT Liberal Democrats believe in individual responsibility.  We believe that, Canberrans especially, are well aware of how to look after themselves and others.

The ACT Liberal Democrats disagreed with the original ban.  Instead of punishing the very few individuals that were misusing fireworks and causing property damage and general disruption, all Canberrans were denied cracker night. 

If the Liberal Democrats hold the balance of power, cracker night will be back!



The official page of the Liberal Democratic Party in the Australian Capital Territory. Authorised by Guy Jakeman, Florey, ACT, 2615