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Upper Hunter Election Candidate 2021 | Eva Pears, Liberal Democrats

Eva is a proud born and bred Novocastrian, and her family has lived in the Hunter region for several generations. After studying Anthropology in Melbourne at LaTrobe University, Eva returned to Newcastle in 2016 and worked at several high schools in the Hunter as an English & HSIE teacher.

Eva has also worked as a literacy and numeracy tutor and in fashion retail management. 
Eva is a passionate advocate for protecting the hard-won rights and political freedoms of individuals, particularly in this era of authoritarian creep into the pockets and minds of citizens. Eva believes that the left-right binary is an outmoded system of governance, as the two major parties are largely indistinguishable. 
With zero interest in securing political power for herself, Eva has a passionate zeal for limiting the ever-increasing intrusion of government into the residents of Upper Hunter's pockets, property and minds.

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Eva's plan as an Upper Hunter election candidate


Greater Accountability for the Berejiklian Government

There has been no doubt that the last twelve months have been tough. However, the Berejiklian/Barilaro Government has made it harder economically in this region through business destroying lockdowns and restrictions. While most cases were restricted to urban centres, our families and businesses here in the regions had to suffer. The catalyst for these lockdowns was the Ruby Princess debacle where NSW Health failed to properly quarantine infected passengers on the docked cruise ship.
In the midst of the crisis, it was discovered the Berejiklian Government was engaged in serious rorts around council grants. This isn't good enough.

If elected to Parliament as the member for Upper Hunter,  I will: 

Hold an independent inquiry into the Ruby Princess debacle to determine who is at fault for locking down the regions.
Hold an independent inquiry into council grant rorts.


Reducing the burden 

Families and communities in the Upper Hunter electorate have been hit hard by the government's response to COVID-19. We need to reduce the burden on everyday people, the current burden is not sustainable and justifies spending which will continue to indebt future generations.

If elected to Parliament as the member for Upper Hunter,  I will: 

Introduce a Bill to completely abolish stamp duty on property. Property owners that currently own land will also be exempt from land tax for the amount they paid in stamp duty. This Bill will also end stamp duty on vehicles and provide an exemption on registration fees for the amount paid in stamp duty.


Protecting jobs in the region

There is no doubt that both the Liberal/National Coalition and the Labor/Greens Alliance seek to end mining jobs in the region. Matt Kean, the NSW energy minister, wants to have net zero emissions by 2030. That means the mining jobs, and the local industries they support will be decimated. This sort of economic reset is not viable in an area where large portions of the working population rely on the industry.

If elected to Parliament as the member for Upper Hunter,  I will: 

Introduce a Bill to abolish payroll tax
Oppose all of the Liberal/National Coalition AND Labor/Greens Alliance job-killing legislation

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