End the Vaping Ban - Liberal Democrats

Australia remains one of three OECD countries where the sale of nicotine vaping products is illegal. Vaping has been proven to be 90-95% less harmful than smoking yet is prohibited under nonsensical laws.

Australian rates of smoking have remained steady in the last few years, whereas rates of smoking in the UK are plummeting because of the provision of a viable alternative.

A recent study published by Australian and New Zealand researchers found vaping legalisation across the ditch is estimated to cut the country’s healthcare costs by about AUD$3.25 billion, a clear indicator that vaping provides an effective quitting mechanism to smokers.

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It is embarrassing that the Australian government refuses to acknowledge vaping for what it is: a less harmful alternative to smoking.

It is a disgrace that smokers are not given this chance to improve their health, despite the clarity of evidence in support of vaping.

Senator Duncan Spender has worked in the Federal Senate to legalise the sale of liquid nicotine. The Liberal Democrats fully support methods of harm minimisation like vaping and believes the government needs to put the health of citizens before tax dollars.

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