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End Stamp Duty

Stamp duty harms both home buyers and home sellers. It makes housing both less affordable and less valuable.

Independent research shows the economic cost of stamp duty equates to 81c for every $1 raised making it the most economically damaging tax in Australia per-dollar-raised.

The Liberal Democrats would abolish stamp duty entirely. Signing here shows us that you too support abolishing stamp duty.

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Stamp duty on a median priced property is around $40,000 in Sydney and Melbourne. If the major parties cared about housing affordability, they'd start by no longer taxing housing.

Removal of stamp duty is long overdue. The introduction of GST was sold with the promise of removing state taxes, such as stamp duty. Unsuprisingly, state governments decided to accept GST revenue but reneged on the promise to remove stamp duty.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can be trusted to reduce taxes. Let's remove stamp duty, show your support by signing here.