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Western Australia

Check out these candidates for the upcoming federal election.

Kate Fantinel
#1 Senate Candidate for WA

Kate Fantinel was born in country South Australia, relocated to Sydney to serve as former Senator David Leyonhjelm’s advisor, and finally settled in Perth in 2020. She is a long-standing member of the Liberal Democrats and also worked for former WA MP, Aaron Stonehouse.

Following completion of a Bachelor of Journalism, Kate returned to her hometown to work as a reporter. Quickly realising that the media wasn’t the Fourth Estate anymore, she returned to University to study public relations.

While studying part-time, Kate worked for the South Australian Chamber of Mines & Energy. She then accepted a challenging role in media and advocacy with the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA). She met Senator Leyonhjelm while working in Canberra and discovered libertarianism.

Kate strongly condemns McGowan’s cruel hard border, his unjust rules on the unvaccinated & those who value medical freedom; and his mandates. She will be a strong voice for liberty.


Dr Peter McLoughlin
Senate Candidate for WA

Dr Peter McLoughlin grew up in Sydney. After graduating from medical school, he spent four years studying and working in South Africa during the Apartheid era, where he saw the effects of oppression firsthand. Returning to Australia, he settled in Perth, married, had a family, and ran a busy anaesthetic practice.

Dr McLoughlin joined the Liberal Democrats in 2018. He has been horrified by the way governments and health bureaucrats have exaggerated the pandemic, creating unnecessary fear in the community to justify the emergency powers, silencing the dissenters and crushing the freedoms we used to take for granted.

Peter was a candidate for the seat of Joondalup in the 2021 State Election. He is on the WA Executive and as serves as Treasurer. He will be a clear voice in the Parliament for the victims of government oppression and for everyone who values liberty.


Evan Nickols
Candidate for Perth

Born in Tamworth NSW, Evan moved to Perth in his early 20s to study at the University of Western Australia where he completed a Master of Pharmacy and is now a registered pharmacist. 

Evan is a passionate advocate of libertarian values and believes that government should for the most part stay out of people's lives.

When it must be involved it should be for the defence of freedom and human rights, not to their detriment.

He stands for equality, free speech, free markets, unrestricted movement, respect of privacy and freedom from surveillance.

These beliefs and values are why the Liberal Democrats are his chosen party.

Alison Marshall
Candidate for Brand

Never having aspired to be a politician, it wasn’t until the Howard era, when he had majority in both the upper and lower houses, Alison began to take notice. Harmful policies like the GST, new Industrial Laws, and Anti-Terrorism laws were introduced, removing our rights to privacy, and freedom from surveillance. She watched as Rudd/Gillard spent billions removing offshore detention, just to re-introduce it and blame the other side.

Recently, Alison contemplated leaving her job due to her right to choose being removed, however, the need to provide for her family meant that her autonomy would be forced into the hands of a government, that wouldn’t concede the right to wait for a medication she was more comfortable with. If elected, Alison will fight for a “Bill of Rights” so our rights will be protected, and we will no longer need to sacrifice our rights of choice, privacy, and self defence to the whims of a government that doesn’t represent us. She wants Low, Flat Taxes, and a higher tax-free threshold, so our hard earned cash stays in our pockets. She wants Business Reform, so Corporations become successful on their own merit, not because of intervention by Government, and competition crushing regulations.

Alison is a FIFO worker in Iron Ore and a mother of two. She’s a born and bred West Aussie, living in Perth, She didn’t become politically active until 2021 during the state election, when she joined the LibDems WA.

Matthew Thompson
Candidate for Swan

My name is Matthew Thompson. I have been a working class man my entire adult life. I joined the army at seventeen, and have been earning my way ever since. I moved to WA in 2012 to work in the mines. My partner and I have since been blessed with a wonderful daughter, who's just starting primary school.

I joined the LDP, and I'm running for Parliament, for her. Because I am bloody furious at the debt that she will be saddled with. Because for her to grow up "Young and Free", the septic tank that is our parliament needs to be flushed, and the bureaucracy cut down to a sensible size. Because "Wealth for toil", needs inflation curbed. And none of the majors seem capable of that.

Micah Van Krieken
Candidate for Cowan

Micah van Krieken was born in Melbourne, Victoria.  Settling in Western Australia in the late 1980’s. Micah went to High School in the northern suburbs and  sent his children to school in the electorate of Cowan.

Regardless of which government was in office, Micah has witnessed the erosion of people’s rights, the demonizing car and motorcycle enthusiasts, an education system that continues to churn out innumerate and illiterate young adults, coercive “no jab, no pay” laws and when ineffective “sin tax” laws like plain packaging cigarettes did not deter smokers into quitting, they were just taxed into quitting instead.

Experience has shown that approaching government agencies that proport to act “in the best interest” of anything, typically, they would only act in their own self-interest and operate in an accountability vacuum. All too frequently, having seen the damage caused by government overreach and a lack of accountability while seemingly taking voters for granted was too much to go unanswered. Micah has been a member of the Liberal Democrats WA since 2016 and is a foundation member in this state.

Paul Markham
Candidate for Forrest

Perth born Paul Markham has worked for 35 years in the financial industry, in a variety of roles ranging from customer service, dispute negotiation, departmental administration, and most recently in project management and IT services. Paul and his wife Shelly were considering starting a small business in Margaret River in 2021, but these plans – along with the plans of many people - were derailed by the government’s extreme reaction to Covid. How can anyone plan for the future when the government applies arbitrary rules and demands at a whim?

The experience of the past two years of federal and state government over-reach, has spurred Paul to stand up for a return to the sensible, fiscally responsible, limited government that is at the heart of the LibDem’s Manifesto. Paul is a firm believer in honesty in government, support for small business, our personal right to free speech, freedom of association, and bodily autonomy; all key values of the Party.

Jacqueline Holroyd
Candidate for Tangney

The LibDem’s Freedom Manifesto strongly aligns with Jacqueline’s underlying libertarian ideals, encapsulating her beliefs as a business owner and citizen. Her combined experiences, education, being a business owner and mother make her an ideal advocate as the Tangney lower house representative, believing strong enterprise and hard work should be rewarded.

The political environment over the past decade distresses her, with developing academic theories, shifting popular beliefs and appeasing those agitating the loudest as the basis of political decisions. Jacqueline sees State and Federal decisions impacting the fundamental Australian way of life, people’s rights, liberties, how they work and live. Politicians overstepping, believing they know better while continuing to underestimate people’s ability to decide how they wish to live and work.

With the LibDems Jacqueline wants to be a part of the change away from overregulation, to reduce Government debt, to restore individuals rights over their health choices, free movement and restoring trust in the Government bodies elected to represent Australians.

Steven McCreanor
Candidate for Hasluck

Steven McCreanor has been shocked by the rapid increase of authoritarian policies and actions of the Australian Government. He is a passionate Libertarian who embraces free market capitalism and the right of individuals to make decisions for themselves and for their families.

The electorate of Hasluck has been home to Steven, his wife and teenage daughter for over a decade. Steven wants the people of Hasluck to have the option of voting for a small government, sensible, fiscally conservative party that will encourage individualism.

Born in SA, Steven moved all around Australia in his early years before completing most of his high school in the Pilbara region of WA. After leaving school, Steven joined the Royal Australian Navy. His service included two active deployments to Iraq in 2003 and 2004. He currently works in civil aviation which is one of the many industries affected by the draconian decisions of the past two years.

Yan Loh
Candidate for Fremantle

When he was 13, Yan migrated from Malaysia to the city of Perth in WA with his family. His parents were seeking a better future for Yan and his sister, and they chose Australia, as Australia is known for its democracy, freedom, and equal opportunity.

Yan studied at Rossmoyne SHS, and completed a Bachelor of Engineering at UWA in 2008. Since then, he has worked all over WA, first working on mine sites up in the Pilbara, and most recently at a chemicals manufacturing facility in Kwinana.

This all changed recently when Yan resigned from his job, due to the mandates imposed by the state government in WA. Never in his life would he have imagined that basic individual liberties such as personal health choices would be violated in a country like Australia - it almost feels like the original reason for migrating to Australia was no longer valid!

Yan realised that unless something is done, government overreach and reduction in individual freedoms will continue, so he’s running as a candidate for the LibDems; to advocate for smaller government and more personal freedom - to return Australia to the country that he and his family migrated to and grew up in.

Dave Marshall
Candidate for Pearce

I am not a lawyer, I’m not a journalist, I’m not a career politician. I am a diesel mechanic that has just become fed up with the treatment of everyday people, by people who feel they should control us. I believe that it is a politicians duty to protect the rights of the people, and to that I will fight for a “Bill of Rights” so that our freedoms are not so easily dismissed, or removed by inconsistent bureaucrats, and contradictory decrees without once allowing us the dignity to have the information and make our own decisions.

I want to see a world where you can make your own decisions, be who you are, without the interference of forced beliefs. I do not believe that a central government has the ability to generate good outcomes for millions of individuals, and that it should be the individual that makes those decisions. That’s why I support true education reforms which will leave the power in the hands of the individual, and increase learning outcomes through introduction of competition to providers, where your input has effect.

If elected I will not vote for any increase in tax, or loss of liberty and freedom

David Gardiner
Candidate for Canning

Born in Perth, David identifies strongly with libertarian values of freedom of speech, individual responsibility and free markets that allow small business to flourish. Early in the pandemic he noticed injustices and became acutely aware of human rights violations and disregard for basic civil liberties.

Seeing the irrational and harmful actions against workers and small businesses, he joined the LibDems as he saw they advocated for greater freedoms. While only recently becoming politically active, he is committed to supporting bigger causes, and believes there is none bigger than human rights.

David left high school at 15, studying first at TAFE then Curtin University where he earned an Arts degree. Having worked for mineral exploration companies, and following postgraduate studies, he moved to the eastern states and completed a Master of Natural Resources.

Returning to develop an agricultural project in southwest WA, he has since pursued a passion for writing and publishing in various contracts over the past 15 years, and maintains a strong interest in defence matters.