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Check out these candidates for the upcoming federal election.

David Limbrick
#1 Senate Candidate for Victoria

David Limbrick MP is a representative of the South East Metro Region in the Victorian Upper House. David is a long time advocate of free markets and a free society. Since being elected in 2018, he has tackled issues such as tax and regulation, energy policy and drug law reform. During the pandemic, David has been a leading critic of many aspects of the Government’s response and was elected to be appointed to the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee to provide scrutiny of the Government’s actions. David is a regular TV commentator on state issues.

Prior to being elected, David has spent much of his career working in business analytics and data warehousing, working most recently as a senior manager in the Finance department of an ASX listed company.


Krystle Mitchell
#2 Senate Candidate for Victoria

Krystle Mitchell is a born and bred Victorian, having lived in many parts of the State as a former 16-year veteran police officer, and as a ‘ward of the state’ in various DHHS residential care homes. Krystle first came to the Liberal Democrats as the pandemic response became more disproportionate. She witnessed the gross misuse of Victoria Police and could not stay quiet.

Since breaking the code of silence and risking her livelihood in a tell-all interview where she quit her job live, she became the first police officer in Australia to do this in uniform, and openly question the leadership of not only Victoria Police, but the Premier himself. Her passion for fairness, transparency, ethical-decision making and good-governance has ignited her drive to represent Victorians at a National level.

Krystle wants to see that this government overreach and slow creep into socialism is removed from our freedom-loving county. She wants to be the politician that you deserve – Someone who will serve the will of the people, reduce unnecessary government bureaucracy, and whose 16 years’ experience in policy, law, legislation, project management and so much more, will bring a new kind of diversity to Canberra. Krystle believes that alongside her fellow  victorious candidates, the ‘Lib Dems’ will provide a revolutionary style of sensible leadership currently missing in Australia.


Caroline White
#3 Senate Candidate for Victoria

Caroline White was raised by her grandparents in the Melbourne suburb of Aspendale. At 15 years old she left mainstream school to pursue her love of dance full-time, and went on to complete her VCE at the Victorian College of the Arts. For the past decade, Caroline has owned and operated children’s dance studio Two Shoes Dance Academy, which now has locations in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and Nagoya Japan.

Over the past couple of years, Caroline has fought fearlessly against the absurd lockdown restrictions that have harmed children and small businesses and sought the support of Liberal Democrat MP David Limbrick to aid with her plight. She is a Libertarian and is particularly concerned about the path that Australia, her home, seems to be heading down and the human rights violations she has witnessed as a result of government overreach and the police force being used as an extended arm of the government. Caroline is passionate about fighting to end COVID alarmism, reform education, remove red tape to allow small business to thrive, and restore Australia’s values of freedom, unity and democracy.


Paul Barker
Candidate for Corangamite

Paul's working life straight out of school started with various operational and training roles with the Royal Australian Air Force. He understands the plight of hard-working, blue-collar Australians who have lacked true representation for a long time—he has conversed with many throughout the more than 2 million kilometres he has driven in trucks around Australia as just one part of his experience in the transport and logistics sector. He has always been quite adventurous, starting out his adventure tourism journey as a ropes instructor. Years later a passion for skydiving evolved. This set him on a new path working in the adventure tourism industry as a skydive instructor. Along with his mastery of land and sky, Paul’s interests politically have tended more toward the sea, as his most recent role has been that of an elected Surf Coast Shire Councilor.

Paul is sick of the runaway debt and spending of successive governments that contribute to high taxes and intergenerational debt that our children will be liable to pay for. He will work hard to rein in this irresponsible fiscal management so we can have a more prosperous future. 

Matthew Ford
Candidate for Higgins

Matthew Ford is a long-term member of the party and is excited to represent our growing base of passionate members and supporters. Having previously stood in State and Local elections, Matthew will provide a passionate and articulate presentation of the libertarian policies and values in a federal seat long held by the Liberal Party but in dire need of sensible and determined representation.

Through his employment at a major company within the tourism industry, Matthew has seen firsthand the devastating impacts of unnecessary government overreach throughout the pandemic. He believes it is time that government policy once again frees Australians to live their own lives and make choices for themselves. Matthew is looking forward to a successful campaign and ultimately joining his fellow victorious Liberal Democrats candidates in Parliament and providing the leadership that Australians so sorely need.

Maya Tesa
Candidate for Jagajaga

Maya has been a passionate advocate for human rights and has worked tirelessly supporting local not-for-profits and charities. She believes strongly in freedom and equality for all and that governments must be held accountable to their constituents for any actions and decisions they make.

As a local resident, Maya understands the importance of combining state issues as well as engaging in local and community issues. Her priorities are giving a much needed transparent and honest voice to the people of Jagajaga—and one with their best interests at heart. Maya wishes to alter Australia’s roadmap by pushing for economic reform, holding government accountable, restoring individual freedoms, and reducing national debt.

Maya argues that: “Australia is at a turning point and having honest, transparent and accountable government is what is going to lead Australia to greater growth and prosperity”.

John Herron
Candidate for McEwen

John Herron is a Macedon Ranges local and a regional solicitor with offices in Kyneton, Gisborne and Riddells Creek. He is well known throughout the area and is an active local cricket, tennis and squash player, also coaching junior tennis and basketball. He served in the ADF (Navy), speaks several languages and has worked on most continents. He has a young(ish) family with a 10yo at school in the area.

John has been an active campaigner for Domestic Violence victims and survivors since the death of his daughter Courtney Herron in 2019 with regular media appearances on the subject. This prompted John to make a stand and put his hand up for the upcoming Federal election.

As the candidate for McEwen, John is an excellent voice for locals and the wider community, pitching his extensive experience and knowledge in a Parliament largely devoid of such.

Patrizia Barcatta
Candidate for Lalor

Patrizia Barcatta will be the Liberal Democrats candidate for the seat of Lalor. Patrizia lives locally in Lalor, and has been working as a Conveyancer in the legal industry for many years—as well as an educator within the industry since 2005. 

Patrizia is very passionate about education as she sees it as a way out of a life of poverty, especially for children. She went back to school as a single mother of two so as to provide a better life for her family, and is grateful to be living in a country where that is possible. She believes our TAFE system needs an overhaul as the government has been stripping money away from it, and generally mismanaging it for years. 

Patrizia decided to run as she became very concerned with the way the government was changing and introducing new legislation at a frightening speed and under the cover of night. There was no consultation with the public and there should have been—there was no accountability. She believes we need to stop the overreach and pare back the control. Patrizia will be running to ensure the government’s influence and overreach ends where our freedoms begin.

Dr Richard Peppard
Candidate for Melbourne

Dr Richard Peppard is the LDP candidate for the Division of Melbourne in the next federal election. From his family and his education, he has been imbued with the belief that all people “are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (Article 1, UDHR). He was taught that everyone is beloved by God and that all should be equal before the law. He embraces the libertarian stance of personal freedom.

Richard is a senior neurologist at a major public hospital in Fitzroy. He works in private practise in East Melbourne and in regional Victoria. He has lived and worked in inner Melbourne for most of his life. He understands the impacts of pandemic restrictions on the lives of ordinary people and on small-businesses.

He has a special interest in climate science with its complexities and unsettled predictions. He seeks conservation of our natural environment and what is worthy in our culture.

Amanda Mead
Candidate for Wannon

Amanda is a local business owner, and lives on a small hobby farm. She knows the challenges involved in starting up and running a small business -from staffing, administration/book keeping, inventory, advertising, and most importantly business tax. Amanda is passionate about reducing business taxes, removing pointless regulations and making it easier for new businesses to be created.

Amanda’s motivation for running for candidacy kicked off because she saw that rural/regional areas have been neglected, divided and ignored by the government. Having engaged with her local community she discovered there are many more issues facing her region; including lack of educational resources, destruction of farming land, lack of health services and most recently medical segregation. Amanda would like to help reconnect, and rebuild and fight for her community.

As civil rights leader Coretta Scott King once said “Freedom and justice cannot be parceled out in pieces to suit political convenience. I don't believe you can stand for freedom for one group of people and deny it to others.”

Matthew Nunez-Silva
Candidate for Holt

Matthew Nunez-Silva is running as the Liberal Democrats candidate for the seat of Holt at the upcoming federal election and is a Holt local. As a former small business owner, he understands both the long-term and day-to-day challenges small businesses have faced. He is passionate about providing stability to families who have faced difficulties during lockdowns—whether they suffered financial hardships and loss of employment, or whether they struggled with the burden of schooling their children through remote learning. 

Matthew’s experience in the workers compensation industry—advocating on behalf of injured workers—has encouraged him to take the leap into politics, as it has fostered his desire to help others and protect future generations. Matthew has also decided to run as a candidate for the seat of Holt as he is concerned by the lack of leadership, lack of transparency, and lack of accountability from both the major parties. If elected Matthew is determined to make real change by listening to his constituents and by advocating for his local community at a federal level.

In the words of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi: “Democracy is when the people keep a government in check.” This is a core belief of Matthew’s, and one he will use as a guiding principle in the upcoming campaign.

Christine Skrobo
Candidate for Bruce

Christine Skrobo was born and raised in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is the Liberal Democrats candidate for the seat of Bruce. She is fiercely passionate about ending COVID alarmism, giving small business owners the freedom to thrive and ensuring access to cheap and reliable energy. She holds core libertarian values and believes in maximising individual liberties whilst minimising the role of government. 

Christine’s motivation to run as a candidate this election arose from seeing an increase in government overreach throughout the pandemic and the lack of opposition within parliament. As a young person, she is greatly concerned with how the increasing government debt, rising cost of living and long-term effects of the pandemic response will impact the next generation. 

Christine is committed to ensuring the people of Bruce have their concerns heard and their views represented in parliament. She believes it is essential to hold the major parties accountable and ensure they do what they were elected to do which is to serve the people.

Damian Willis
Candidate for Dunkley

Damian Willis will be running as the Liberal Democrats candidate for Dunkley to contest the upcoming federal election. Damian is a Dunkley local and passionate about representing the region. He has been running a small business for the last six years, which has given him a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed in this field. As part of being a small business owner, he is always encouraging others to develop their own ideas and succeed for themselves—something he intends to transfer into the political sphere.

As a candidate for Dunkley, Damian will engage with the community to gain a deep understanding of their issues relating to political leadership; government economic management; and personal, community, and business freedoms. As an advocate for competitive sports, he looks forward to bringing his competitive nature to challenging the current political landscape. He aims to develop better ideas and return Australia to being a country of innovation, opportunity, and positivity.

David Segal
Candidate for Goldstein

David worked as a stockbroker for over 30 years before spending the last 10 years working for a small ASX listed Biotech as an Investor Relations Manager and then as a director. He and his family have had a long history of working with and for the Jewish community and he is a life member of the AJAX football club having played around 250 games in the 70s and 80s. 

He joined the Liberal Democrats recently and has immediately embraced the core principles and the policies based on them. Energy policy is an area that is of particular interest and believes that if you don’t have nuclear as part of the mix you can’t claim to be serious about net zero.

He believes that the lack of differentiation between the major parties has created the opportunity for the LibDems to become the genuine opposition party with even a chance of government within 3 to 4 election cycles. In the meantime, with a realistic hope of holding the balance of power after the next Federal election, the LibDems may be in a position to keep the major parties accountable.

Ethelyn King
Candidate for Chisholm

Ethelyn King is a Chisholm local, having lived in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for nearly 30 years after having spent her primary years in Gippsland. She was raised with the values her parents instilled within her such as to act with integrity, fairness and respect for the individual. 

The last 2 years of creeping authoritarianism, government overreach and lack of accountability from both major political parties motivated Ethelyn to take the bold step into politics to truly represent her community and electorate and to finally see someone in parliament that represents the everyday voter. 

Working full time in the learning sector, married to a small business owner, and mother of 2 small children, Ethelyn understands the pressures facing families and couples. From the rising cost of living, housing unaffordability, to the harms that have been caused (both emotional and economical) by pandemic restrictions. 

More than anything Ethelyn cherishes the values of freedom, and everything that comes with them: freedom of speech, freedom to work, freedom to travel. She believes that the writings of Voltaire have never been more relevant or necessary than right now:

"I detest what you say, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to say it".

Cameron Smith
Candidate for Maribyrnong

Cameron is a local resident and small business owner within the electorate of Maribyrnong.  He has a wealth of experience as a Chartered Accountant, both within Australia and abroad, specialising in taxation law.  He is a strong believer in personal responsibility, small government, free speech, and personal liberty.  

Cameron’s motivation for pursuing a candidacy with the Liberal Democratic Party is driven by his genuine belief that Australia’s prosperity has become stymied by excessive taxation, business regulation, and needless interference in individuals’ everyday lives.  His background as a taxation adviser and small business owner provides him with real-world experience and knowledge of these issues.  Cameron looks forward to being an enthusiastic candidate for the LibDems and passionate advocate for our Freedom Manifesto.

Anthony Cursio
Candidate for Fraser

Anthony is a born and bred Victorian, having lived 30+ years in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. A commercial banker who specialises in manufacturing and wholesale clients but rose through the ranks starting his finance career in the Contact Centre. Anthony is used to starting at the bottom and working his way to the top. His very first job was at the age of 14 working as a cleaner to provide himself with things that his single mother could not.

Anthony has more than a decade of experience in retail and also grew up working in a family business that started from the kitchen table.

He is a passionate advocate for small business and believes in encouraging more Australians to become entrepreneurs. Believing that small businesses drive the economy and as such, is a strong believer in lower taxes, small government, less regulation/bureaucracy, greater accountability, more personal freedoms, liberties and above all else free speech.

Chrysten Abraham
Candidate for Flinders

Chrysten Abraham was born and raised in the Eastern suburbs of Victoria and has spent nearly all her adult life on the Peninsula. Chrysten has the values of everyday Australians at heart and aims to represent the community of Flinders in this upcoming Federal Election. 

Chrysten believes more than ever this election that there is a need for a real change. The pandemic has highlighted how the government’s solutions are just knee-jerk reactions, and the people who pay the price are everyday Victorians.

Chrysten knows that small businesses are hurting, as a passionate Human Resources and Employment Relations Specialist she provides advice to businesses every day and will be advocating to boost businesses functionality with less red tape and less knee-jerk reactions. She has also worked in the Aged Care and Disability sector, and understands the value of spending time with the vulnerable and how important it is for their state of mind.  

Political views are often seen as a spectrum, some people are hard right and some are hard left. Chrysten and the Liberal Democrats present a different view—where the left/right debate merely serves to expand the government at the expense of the individual. If elected, she will shake things up, as the major parties often lose sight of the needs of those who elected them amidst the smoke and mirrors they use for their own political gains. Chrysten will be the difference Flinders needs.

Julian Fidge
Candidate for Indi

Julian Fidge is honoured to be running as the Liberal Democrats candidate for Indi in this important election. He firmly believes the government is too big and too expensive, and aims to convince voters that we would be better off with lower taxes and smaller government.

Julian is a local GP in Wangaratta, a local CFA lieutenant, a second generation farmer, and the President of a local karate club. Julian leads his life in service of his local community, and has had a decade-long involvement in local politics. By combining his knowledge of the needs of the community in harmony with national matters, Julian aims to bring his considerable expertise to the federal table in the hope of curbing the government’s rampant spending and expansion.

Julian looks forward to debating policies with the other candidates.

Meg Edwards
Candidate for Monash

A Gippslander of farming stock, Meg has experience in business, farming, family and local government. She is genuine, authentic, seeking to listen, and understand first, and be an effective voice. Above all else she values kindness—“debate the issues, not the person”.

Before starting a family, Meg worked as a Relationship Executive in Agriculture & Business Banking after agri-business export marketing. Now, Meg co-managers their sustainable building and regenerative farming businesses with her partner. Her studies provided theory applied in her professional career, yet growing up milking cows and playing sport is what shaped her work ethic and values.

Meg enjoys song writing and spending time with family on the farm or elsewhere in Victoria’s beautiful, productive, creative and friendly regional areas. With her demonstrated commitment through hundreds of hours volunteering in the community, Meg cares about what kind of Victoria future generations will inherit and is determined to ensure that it will be positive.

Maxim Payne
Candidate for Corio

Maxim Payne is first and foremost an everyday Aussie—he has spent his adult life working in hospitality, retail, musical education and landscaping. In this time, Max has witnessed first-hand the impact that COVID restrictions, excessive taxation and complicated legislation have had on small business owners. Max has also experienced the personal cost of inflation, compulsory superannuation and rising energy costs as a low/middle-income earner.

Max has lived in Corio for nearly all his life, and has seen the effects of political apathy in a long term Labor stronghold, and he will give the city of Geelong a voice for freedom, liberty and free-markets.

Max lives by strong principles of personal responsibility and will fight the nanny state and economic overreach of governments that have increasingly sought greater and greater control over the finances, speech and education of its people. It is time that the people of Geelong have a member who serves them, rather than continue to be the long suffering servants of government.

Greg Cheesman
Candidate for Menzies

Greg Cheesman will be the Liberal Democrats candidate for the seat of Menzies. Born and bred in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Greg is a fierce advocate for the democratic principles of self-determination, personal responsibility, and limited government intervention. 

In recent times, our government has failed to follow the core principles of a liberal democracy. Having been stripped of the fundamental right to earn an income, access education, travel, exercise medical autonomy and to speak freely, Victorians have ultimately been condemned should they wish to seek government transparency and to hold our elected leaders to account. 

As a family man, previous small business owner and passionate Victorian, Greg’s determination to change our government to truly represent the interests of the Australian people, and his electorate of Menzies, will contribute to restoring all Australians rights to freedom - OUR freedom, that should never have been taken from us by this government.


Sarah O’Donnell
Candidate for Isaacs

Sarah O’Donnell is a small business owner who lives in the electorate she hopes to represent and has done for over 20 years. Sarah understands the passion, the long hours, and the hard yards small business owners put in. She is keen to work towards achieving a reduction in the red tape and other obstacles small businesses constantly face. Sarah has also lived the enormous negative impact that the past two years have had on small business, our children, and families. While running her swim school, she has seen first-hand the devastation that has resulted from reduced access to work, learning, sport, and social interactions on both our community and our economy.

She is committed to helping families and small businesses recover from the difficulties many have faced and are continuing to face. She is looking forward to working together with them to build a stronger electorate and country.

Sarah and her husband have three daughters who all attend school locally. Sarah was born and raised in the South Eastern/Bayside Suburbs and has been a dedicated and active member of the community for many years. She believes that people should be represented by a member of their community, someone who lives and shares their experiences.

As a volunteer life saver, Sarah and her active family will often be found on the beach or out on the water during summer. As a sporting family they actively pursue the Australian dream. Sarah understands that a reduction in government and taxes will allow more families to share that dream. It is apparent that immediate change is required.

Michael Abelman
Candidate for La Trobe

Michael Abelman was raised in Melbourne, and has been a registered pharmacist in Victoria for 40 years. As the son of WW2 refugees, Michael understands why liberty is absolutely fundamental, and knows how devastating the loss of liberty can be.

He has owned pharmacies in Broadmeadows and Footscray, and an import/wholesale business in Collingwood. He has been employed in pharmacy, permaculture, community health, and most recently as a liaison coordinator with doctors and pharmacists for a government not-for-profit drug dependence program.

He has been a long-time supporter of drug treatment reform. More recently he has also fostered a keen interest in government policy, procedure, accountability, and transparency (or lack thereof).

He has been a keen observer of the shady deals, politics and performance of the major parties over the last decade—and especially the last 2 years—which has motivated him to take action and change the way we are being governed. As Michael says, "We are not economic statistics or pawns to be played in a game of power. We are individuals entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—our government should allow us to go after these with compassion and empathy, not unnecessary mandates and personal restrictions."

Julia McGrath
Candidate for Ballarat

Julia grew up in Creswick and, after several years interstate working in legal practice, has returned to Ballarat in pursuit of a regional lifestyle and to be closer to family.

While working in the Administrative Tribunal, Julia acted in a range of matters relating to public servants exceeding their legal authority, acting in ways that unnecessarily constrained the autonomy, rights and privacy of individuals. Julia’s ‘watershed’ moment came during her involvement in a landmark personal liberty case in which a person was unlawfully detained whilst under the guardianship of the Public Advocate, causing the Supreme Court to issue the writ of Habeas Corpus. 

This cut across Julia’s understanding of individual freedom in a liberal democracy and exposed the challenges of holding statutory decision-makers accountable under the rule of law. This, together with the findings of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT, cemented Julia’s concerns that if left unchecked, those employed to serve and make decisions for us can come to regard themselves as masters. Naturally, the pandemic has exacerbated these concerns.

Julia believes that government should provide a limited range of core functions and services which are consistent with a safe and civilised society and do not unnecessarily constrain a person’s rights, autonomy or privacy. This begins, in her view, by treating individuals as rational actors, capable of exercising judgement and choice according to their own values.

Julia is also undertaking a Masters in Policy where she has a keen interest in the role of citizens in the policy cycle.

Edward Sok
Candidate for Hotham

Edward Sok is a young and passionate local who is fighting to give a voice for the next generation, small businesses, and the everyday worker. Born and raised in South-east Melbourne, He has been a resident of the Hotham electorate for his entire life.

Edward’s motivation to run as a candidate this election stems from seeing the destruction of small businesses, the government’s control over the education system and the mandates and lockdowns that have robbed people of their basic freedoms. He is passionate in representing the next generation and protecting our children’s futures.

Edward is proud to represent the Liberal Democrats as the legitimate party of the people. As the 2 major parties have betrayed the trust of the public, every worker regardless of income should know that voting for the 2 major parties has and will achieve nothing. As our freedom of speech is fading away and our wealth is being stolen through rising taxes, it is time for a common-sense approach to save our nation. Edward is dedicated to fight for the silent majority and to ensure that it is not the people that serve the government, but it is the Government that serves the people.

Eric Koelmeyer
Candidate for Scullin

Eric, along with his family, came to Australia in 1974 from Sri Lanka. At that time they escaped a country in civil war and turmoil that continued until 2009.

Australia back then was described as a lucky country and it was in these times, with the opportunities provided by this country, that the Koelmeyer family prospered greatly.

With a background versed in taxation and finance, Eric has seen that what was once a lucky country, for many Australians is no longer.  The sense of fairness for all is now the sanctum of fairness for some. House costs are rising, taxation is increasing, inflation is rampant, businesses are tangling with needlessly costly, overcomplicated legislation.

In short, there is a complete lack of direction as a nation and it would seem both major parties—regardless of Labor or Liberal—simply do not care unless it suits their own political narrative and ideology, or benefits their friends at the top.

Eric sees the need for regular Australians’ voices to matter once more. This is why he chose to stand for office: to help to restore faith in our politics and to bring about innovation and a more meaningful set of policies that will restore this once proud nation.

Matthew Bansemer
Candidate for Bendigo

Matthew Bansemer is running for the Liberal Democrats to represent the people in the seat of Bendigo. Matthew is an Engineer with a career spanning 20 years, specialising in research and development of renewable energy technologies, and is passionate about clean energy believing that Australia is in a unique position to market clean energy to the world. He understands the value and limitations of renewables, and advocates for free-market solutions to climate change and affordable energy.

As a father of two primary-aged children, Matthew believes that the objective of education is to build the character and mind of the students and is concerned by the long-term drop in standards and inclusion of moral codes in the curriculum. Matt will advocate for decentralised education which will give parents the fundamental right to choose the content of their children’s education.

Matthew believes in the value of personal responsibility and accountability and is excited at the prospect of holding our career politicians to the same standards. In the time since Covid, our governments have trampled on the principles of a liberal democracy. He believes in the importance of free speech and personal sovereignty and will fight to restore individual freedoms that have been whittled away from us. Matthew will engage with the electorate with an open posture, listening to the concerns of the people.

When not campaigning, Matt enjoys tending to his hobby farm, restoring old cars, and spending time with his family.

Trevor Smith
Candidate for Casey

Trevor Smith’s long term interest in free market economics and non-government intrusion in people’s private lives was cemented when he experienced the massive government overreach of the last two years and the resultant negative impact it had on so many vulnerable members of society. He realised that the continuing growth of big government in Australia by both major parties, through a constant increase in already bloated bureaucracies and an ever increasing intrusion into the liberties of individual Australians has taken Australia down the wrong path.

Originally from Queensland, Trevor and his family moved to Victoria about 15 years ago to be closer to his wife’s family. Trevor’s experience in the construction and resources industries as a geologist has exposed him to a wide cross section of the community and this experience has given him an ability to relate to people from all walks of life. From his and family members’ personal experience he has seen the hard work required to succeed in small business in Australia and the difficulties that “one size fits all” solutions implemented by big government create. He is a firm believer that a libertarian approach from government will make life easier for people on both a personal level and will also re-generate growth in small business, allowing to take Australia forward.

Tim Laird
Candidate for Nicholls

Tim Laird was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Growing up, Tim worked in the family business and experienced the benefits and challenges involved in small business ownership. For over a decade, Tim has been a devoted volunteer in a variety of community youth programs for sport, church, personal development, and at-risk youth. Recently, Tim has shared the pain of seeing the Great Australian Dream of home ownership pushed out of the reach of more and more everyday Aussies by increased living costs, high taxation, and soaring house prices. 

After working in the software and broadcasting industries, Tim has observed how technology and media can be used to limit free speech and to bury information. Our current government has relied heavily on these tactics to further their own agenda and, in doing so, shown contempt for the rights and liberties of the people. Tim believes that individuals make better decisions for themselves than the government and that they should be free to make those decisions without government interference.

Tim believes that communities are best served by small business and small government. Tim is standing for office to bring honesty, integrity and the voice of the people back to parliament.

Chloe Glasson
Candidate for Gellibrand

Chloe Glasson has lived in Melbourne all her life and is a local resident in Gellibrand, having lived in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne for two years. She is a firm believer in the principles that the Liberal Democrats ascribe to and has been a member of the party for three years.

Chloe believes that the Australian people know what is best for them and that they should have more control over their lives–both socially and economically–without the government attempting to micromanage every aspect of these areas.

Chloe believes that the Australian people deserve proper representation, from elected officials who will listen to their concerns instead of acting as though they know best. As a young person, she is greatly concerned by the knock-on effects of the government’s pandemic response, including the years of education that were lost or impacted negatively, the mental health effects and the increasing cost of living.

Liam Roche
Candidate for Aston

Liam Roche is seeking to represent the people of the division Aston for the Liberal Democrats. He's a Security Guard of many years working in the Transportation of Valuable goods. Liam first found Australian politics through the exploits of our first Senator David Leyonhjelm and resolved to become a member of the Liberal Democrats.

When he lost his job due to mandates he resolved to further learn about libertarianism and become a candidate to help assist the people to tread a better path.

Liam is a firm believer in using the best technology to power our economy, not just the technologies that are in vogue, and to get the monkey that is government off of the backs of ordinary Australians for having a go whether they be a worker or business owner.

Liam believes that all persons have a right to their own body and that no medical procedures should have precedence over that person's right to choose what enters their body.

Rob McCathie
Candidate for Macnamara

Rob McCathie is born and bred in Melbourne and has a background in I.T., he’s worked as a computer systems administrator and consultant for small-medium enterprise.

Rob has always been a strong advocate for freedom of expression and has stood against censorship. The federal government attracted his ire in 2008 when they attempted to bring in mandatory internet censorship and his interest in politics grew from there. As the years went on he became increasingly concerned about rising authoritarianism from both of Australia’s major political parties. This led Rob to become involved with the Liberal Democrats – the only reliable pro-liberty party.

Send Rob to Parliament and the people of Macnamara, and all Australians, will have a representative they can rely on to always fight for less government and more freedom.

Alexandra Thom
Candidate for Kooyong

Dismayed at the societal division created by our governments, Alexandra Thom will be a clear voice for respect in Parliament. Governments cannot make the right choice for individuals or communities because the wonderful diversity in our society means a one size fits all approach will fail every time. This is why Alexandra is running: to empower everyone to make their own choices and set their own goals. She will oppose legislative efforts that are increasingly divisive and restrict people’s freedoms. She sees efforts to decentralise education and promote freedom of speech as critical to this end.

Working in the manufacturing industry and sitting on her local kindergarten committee Alexandra has seen first-hand the productive time soaked up in deciphering and complying with overly complex regulations and will be a strong advocate for the one in two out policy, believing simplicity is the key to success. There is considerable scope to realise the benefits of regulation while removing government overreach.

Having grown up in Kooyong, Alexandra remains connected to the community through both friends and family. Known for her integrity and honesty, the people of Kooyong can be confident that Alexandra will be an effective representative for them in Canberra.

Harry Carr
Candidate for Deakin

Harry Carr has lived in Deakin for 30 years. After breaking through the poverty line in his early 20s, he established a small construction business which has opened his eyes to policies and regulation hindering the prosperity, conservation, and financial independence of our country’s foundational family run businesses.

He is a community member, always raising his voice in regards to injustices in our society. He is an advocate for human rights, equality and liberty in Australia and abroad, believing we are all as important as the next person.

Harry knows that the constituents of Deakin deserve a grounded member that has their interest for self-reliance and financial security as a high priority. The cost of living is decreasing our family economic power at an alarming and unsustainable rate to maintain a healthy functioning household.

Our government's responsibility is to protect the people's constitutional rights, land and prospect for opportunity, which have been openly violated in recent years. Australia needs to get serious with conserving our rights to freedom and liberty so generations after us can enjoy the beauty of our great land in all its forms

Harry believes that tax reform, a Bill of rights, and a government corruption watchdog are well overdue as our public servants have broken the social contract.

'Our government should never have any power to dictate ethics and impose arbitrary rules in our communities'

Jim McDonald
Candidate for Gippsland

Jim McDonald was born in Gippsland and grew up on his family's beef farm near Meeniyan. After completing high school Jim worked as a stockman on sheep and cattle stations and as a machinery operator and rigger on construction projects. In 2016 Jim successfully qualified for his Commercial Pilots License and saw him begin his current career as an Ag Pilot. He can often be found spraying and spreading fertilizer in the hills around South Gippsland.

Jim became interested in politics when the Labor party shut down the live export trade in 2011 causing severe hardship to many of his friends in the cattle industry. With governments becoming ever more brazen at taking away our rights and liberties, Jim is proud to stand for the party that fights against government overreach for the seat of Gippsland.