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Check out these candidates for the upcoming federal election.

Topher Field
#1 Senate Candidate - Tasmania

Topher Field has been a political commentator for 12 years and a leading advocate for less government and more freedom, speaking out on issues as diverse as freedom of speech, water management, red tape, taxation, climate change, and much more.

After 12 years of commentating, Topher Field has now been endorsed as the Lead Senate Candidate in Tasmania for the Liberal Democratic Party (NOT the Liberals!) and Topher hopes to be able to advocate on behalf of Tasmanians and Australians for less government and more freedom.

Topher Field is an Australian Documentary Film Maker, Libertarian Political Commentator, and Human Rights activist.

Topher has been actively commentating on Australian and International politics for more than a decade, has been awarded the ‘Libertarian Activist of the Year’ award from the Australian Libertarian Society, and has travelled the world interviewing esteemed scientists, well known politicians, and powerful cultural influencers.

Topher is pro human and celebrates human achievements including technology and free trade which drives the human flourishing seen around the world today.

Topher is pro individualism, because the smallest minority of all is the individual and if individuals don’t have rights, no one has rights.


Chris Croft
#2 Senate Candidate - Tasmania

Chris Croft has long had a passion for people and the freedoms, rights, and responsibilities each individual in society benefits from, believing the most successful and prosperous communities are made through liberty, not regulation.

Tired of the two-party system and the divisive rhetoric of modern day politics, Chris’s interest in politics grew in the wake of government overreach and restriction of civil liberties during the COVID-19 response. It is not the governments job to coddle every member of its society. Chris believes individuals should be trusted to make their own risk assessments, manage their own finances, and run their own businesses without government interference.

Chris has a keen interest in mental health, and currently manages one of Hobarts largest shelters for vulnerable men, whilst completing psychological post-graduate study at the University of Tasmania.


Stephen Humble
Candidate for Bass

Stephen Humble is a strong supporter of civil liberties and believes government regulation should have far more respect for individual freedom on many issues.

He also believes in encouraging innovation by reviewing and updating legislation, cutting red tape, supporting competition and free markets so that the economy can grow.

Stephen has a Diploma in electronic engineering and many years doing first in maintenance of complex electronic systems, network and computer system administration, understanding technical documentation, regulations and writing procedures.

He enjoys computer programming and reading about and critiquing science, technology and engineering ideas.

Duncan White
Candidate for Braddon

Duncan, his wife and three children moved to Tasmania in 2013 to be closer to family. He is an IT professional with experience in small business, education, banking and manufacturing industries. Outside of a career he volunteers for a mental health charity and his local church. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring stunning Tassie with his young family.

In typical Australian fashion, Duncan experienced the burden of a home mortgage which lead him to question fading housing affordability. Investigating government controls such as interest rates and inflation gave him a desire to see a free market in housing to tackle our skyrocketing household debt.

While Duncan sees a need to return to sound economics, he believes it's irrelevant without a moral backbone. His conservative values start with a high view of consent and freedom of association. This includes those with differing opinions. Good ideas don't require force. It is the government's role to defend us from the aggressor not become one! It is obvious to Duncan, governments radically overstepped this role in their disgusting response to the recent coronavirus pandemic. While safety measures are often required in the real world, governments need acknowledge individuals have a right manage their own property and risks as adults.

Ian Ramsden
Candidate for Clark

Ian Ramsden has a passion for freedom, and believes the current parties are not representing the people.  This is why he has decided to run for his home seat of Clark.

He has lived in Tasmania for most of his life and has settled in Hobart. Ian started out as an Accountant and moved into the Construction Industry in a Commercial Advisory role.

He understands legislation and wants to ensure that the will and culture of the Australian people is represented.

Ian has interacted with a wide section of society during his work, acting honestly and fairly. He believes in listening to all viewpoints and discussing ideas.

Duane Pitt
Candidate for Franklin

Duane Pitt, born in Hobart, started work as a fifteen-year-old within the building industry, went on to start up a small business, employing fifteen Tasmanians.

During his journey he has been employed as a project manager, general manager, security, facility manager as well as twenty plus years as a tradesman.

Watching continual degradation of the political landscape within state and Federal government has prompted him to stand for the seat of Franklin, with an idea of steering focus back to fundamental Australian values. Small government and rights of the individual would be at the fore when looking at legislation.

Given the relationships and broad base interaction with Tasmanians in both a work and sporting environment he understands the frustration within the community.

With a willingness to listen and learn he aims to help improve policies and better outcomes for all Tasmanians.

Rhys Griffiths
Candidate for Lyons

Having grown up in Perth in the north of the electorate, Rhys believes that rural Tasmanians know more about the best ways to handle their homes and businesses, rather than out of touch politicians who only pretend to care every three years. He wants to reduce wasteful government bureaucracy, and make it easier for Tasmanians to seize opportunities without being stopped by government red-tape.

Rhys has followed politics for most of his life and has grown disillusioned with the two-party status quo. He is running with the Liberal Democrats to provide another option for people like him who want to see change in Australian politics.